better late than never?

30 Sep

time changes kick my butt. being busy also kicks my butt. after somewhat adjusting back to east coast time last weekend i packed up for lax this week. i’ve got 4 more weeks here before the end of november so i’m trying to make the most of my time and wake up super early.

i had a random fun day on tuesday – some kind of fire explosion happened and work was canceled. i checked out la’s public transportation and went to long beach to the aquarium of the pacific. it’s not georgia aquarium but it was pretty cool. especially enjoyed the sea lions. but of course i have no pictures because in my time change haze i forgot to pack my camera. bad kate.

i have a few pictures left from hong kong. these were all taken on tai o which is a stilt house community and fishing village. we took a boat tour and saw chinese dolphins (which are very hard to capture on film). i had never heard of chinese dolphins but apparently they’re pink. i’m not entirely sure there isn’t just a large albino dolphin population. after the boat tour we walked around the island and picked out our long from a tank. you can’t get any fresher!


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