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baby steps

29 Oct

initially when we bought our house we were gung ‘ho. we wanted to paint, tile, rewire. and i wanted it down now. or really then.

then we settled into our home. and i’m not sure if we just got comfortable with our house or we just were tuckered out, but we lost that new homeowners energy. so while we have a list of things we want to do, we just don’t have the energy/patience/want to finish them.

now this post is a long time coming, we actually finished this project way back in august and i’m just posting about it now in october. one of the things that really dates our house is the lighting. while i think half the lights were updated in teh ’80s, i’m pretty sure that the other half is/was original to the house. i love charm and character as much as the next gal, but i don’t love outdated.

after trolling the internet and lowe’s for a few months we made our lighting purchases: the exterior front lights, main hall lights, and master bed light fixture. we still have four more on our list but those will happen with time.

dad drove down from greenville to a) show us how to change a light and b) help us out. this went incredibly fast in we were done in a record 3 hours. i was impressed.

while i never loved our exterior lights, they were livable. what really made me change my mind was when a momma bird decided that they would make a nest for her little ones. the thought of electrocuting baby birds was a deal breaker because the cover to the lights was long gone.

here are the exterior lights before

dad in the process

and the after

and up close

i forgot to mention my dads lovely shoes. you should rush out and get yourself a pair before they sell out.

 and finally our bedroom. i don’t have a before but we had a non-working fan. since we’ve gotten accustomed to having a bedside fan in our room i was able to convince alex that we didn’t need an overhead fan. or he caved because he’s nicer than me and didn’t want to put up a fight. 🙂

and that lovely wavy white line is where our crown molding will go. one day. add it to the list.


puppy update

28 Oct

just thought i would post a few funny phots of our pups.

last week conner and chloe were sitting on the end of the bed next to one another. i squeezed in for this photo. warning, i look a little rough before 8 am.

conner doesn’t love car rides. chloe is car narcoleptic. put her in a car and she’s asleep before you get to the highway. conner cries until the car is moving and is awake the while ride. this is where conner rested his head for a good hour on the drive from greenville to atlanta a few weeks ago.

and alex and conner having man time on the couch. conner was unposed.

thses pups crack me up!

what time is it?

26 Oct

game time!

we can only make it to a few football games a year (namely due to my travel schedule and lack of desire to travel anywhere on the weekends). but it’s a tradition to go to the georgia tech vs. clemson game each year. after all, we are a house divided. and honestly, i was sick of losing to georgia tech and i felt pretty good about clemsons chances this year. but i’ve learned that it’s never a good idea to taunt your husband because it will come back to haunt you.

you see, in the history of the series since we’ve been in school clemson either kills georgia tech or gt squeaks by with a win. and last year there were two of those squeaks and i didn’t care for that. but again, i’ve learned that college football is a bunch of 18 year old boys running around a field and nothing i do can change the outcome of their game. so it’s better for everyone to take a lighthearted approach.

so i’ve shifted the football intensity to tailgate intensity. i think it’s common knowledge that clemson takes tailgating pretty seriously and whenever i get together with my pals we try to live up to that reputation.

this year, i decided to make a snackadium. what is a snackadium you ask? well, i think a picture speaks volumes here.

i severely underestimated the cost of creating the snackadium but every penny was worth the investment. alex got into the act as well with assembly of the rice krispies and goal posts (slim jims).

and for some reason i wasn’t feeling very into photos, too much talking i guess but i was able to capture a few shots.

carri and i

and of course, an old roomie reunion picture. 608.

we had such a great time and watched the game at my favorite college bar, tiger town tavern. i love going back there even if their long island ice teas now taste like paint thinner. rip mini bottles. good time all around complete with a tiger victory.

a weekend full of parties

25 Oct

a few weeks ago alex and i traveled to charlotte and greenville for lots of festivities. my old friend oberg got married in charlotte and my niece, audrey, turned 6. how did she get so big so quickly? i still have a picture of her in diapers with chloe as a puppy on our ‘fridge.

so we drove up to charlotte saturday morning (only making a pit stop for an hour at the gaffney outlets) to make it to the chapel for the afternoon wedding. this wedding was so much fun! i was able to see folks that i hadn’t seen since my wedding last may. and of course the wedding part was pretty special, too.

here’s the couple being announced:

and their first dance

and alex played papparazzi

and we did the infamous “oberg” dance. this is literally how the groom dances. captured in action.

and after we sent the bride and groom off we met up with them again at a bar downtown. i’m pretty sure going out in your wedding dress yielded lots of free drinks for the bride, heather. 🙂


and to prove i have a sense of humor 🙂

we woke up early sunday morning to head back for audrey’s birthday festivities. she had her party at a giant bounce house place. i don’t know how to describe it other than tons of bounce houses. and a climbing wall. these people had the birthday party business down.

and then we turned around and went right back to atlanta. phew. long but highly enjoyable weekend.

promotions do not make you run faster

7 Oct

apparently, they make you run slower. i’m guessing it was the addition of a word to my title. that word being senior. the running gods must have decided that senior means slower because i had one of the slowest runs in a while tonight.

it could also be that i didn’t follow the 10% rule and went from 15 to 21 in a week. bad kate. i was all ready to celebrate the big “P” with a krispy kreme doughnut or two but the run severely delayed the doughnut goodness. by the way, pumpkin doughnuts from KK are a must. yummy.

it’s been a while since i’ve talked about my nike+, but sunday we had a disagreement. and by disagreement i mean it didn’t want to record my first mile and i fat fingered my touch and completed my run instead of switching to the next song. oops. i’m seriously considering a garmin. and a tiny little nano. and new diamond earrings. 🙂

on the celebrity citing side of things — i had my first la celebrity citing. i can’t say that i recognized him because i was enthralled by the most precious little girl he was holding and his itty bitty wife. the gate agent pointed it out and he’s a pretty nicable dude. he goes by tiny and the gate agent says “he always plays crazy people.”

what you didn’t hear about hong kong

5 Oct

i could go on and on about the awkward situations i put myself in on my trip. like how i scared a very nice lady away with my sarcasm. or trying to attempt to speak cantonese. or my lack of chopstick skills. these things happen.

during my two week tenure overseas i did not exercise. not one bit. nada. none.

and i ate whatever the heck i wanted. when i wanted. you can imagine the puffiness of my ankles. between the long flights and the mooncakes i felt like the marshmallow man.

but see, i didn’t plan on abandoning the running ship. it just sorta happened. there was too much to do and too many places to see. so what if there was a park next to my hotel, i needed to upload pictures and catch up on facebook. there were mango pastries to be had, why would i need to run?

and then i got back. and realized how just a two week break can kick your butt. i decided that i would try to hop back on the horse, so to speak, with a 5 mile jog. bwahahahahaha. how naïve. it was painful. and i hurt. my legs, my chest. i was in pain. but i got through it.

and how did i decide to follow that up? oh you know, with a little 5k race. genius i tell you. the race was two days after my 5 mile run and i was still sore. the race advertised as flat and fast. lies, lies i tell you. it was hilly. which is the exact opposite of flat and fast. and it started uphill. big fat liars.

but i can’t be all sad. i posted a personal record with a sub 30 minute race. can’t complain about that.

and then i celebrated with my in-laws and husband like any person should — with pie. no photojournalism here, i was lame and took no photos.

and now i’m back on track. lots of running, lots of sweating, lots of really annoying nutrition talk. 🙂

you went half way around the world to do what?

1 Oct

yeah, so i went to disneyland hong kong. what? i got a free ticket? can’t turn that down. that would be ungrateful.

but let’s be honest, it was no disneyworld. not by a long shot. it’s about half the size of the magic kingdom with most of the famous rides. we played on space mountain, it’s a small world, the jungle cruise. no pirates or tiki room. and no churros or turkey legs. slightly disappointing.

awesome? the longest we waited in line was 20 minutes. seriously. also the women using umbrellas in the sun. that cracked me up.


the halloween attractions made the park really special. there were legitimately scary parts of disney. as in no way in heck would american disney have two walk through scary haunted houses. or change space mountain to demon mountain.

even the castle was decked out. by the way — this is sleeping beauty’s castle NOT cinderella’s castle. 🙂

even zombie’s roamed around and did a little dancing. julie was THRILLED to take this photo. THRILLED i tell ‘ya.

so that’s hong kong in a nutshell. my trip home was very much a train wreck for which delta is rewarding me lots of ponits. so there. stupid delta. not really, but i’m still cranky. taking the red-eye and then home for two whole weeks. wahoo!

and go tigers! so sad i can’t be there!