you went half way around the world to do what?

1 Oct

yeah, so i went to disneyland hong kong. what? i got a free ticket? can’t turn that down. that would be ungrateful.

but let’s be honest, it was no disneyworld. not by a long shot. it’s about half the size of the magic kingdom with most of the famous rides. we played on space mountain, it’s a small world, the jungle cruise. no pirates or tiki room. and no churros or turkey legs. slightly disappointing.

awesome? the longest we waited in line was 20 minutes. seriously. also the women using umbrellas in the sun. that cracked me up.


the halloween attractions made the park really special. there were legitimately scary parts of disney. as in no way in heck would american disney have two walk through scary haunted houses. or change space mountain to demon mountain.

even the castle was decked out. by the way — this is sleeping beauty’s castle NOT cinderella’s castle. 🙂

even zombie’s roamed around and did a little dancing. julie was THRILLED to take this photo. THRILLED i tell ‘ya.

so that’s hong kong in a nutshell. my trip home was very much a train wreck for which delta is rewarding me lots of ponits. so there. stupid delta. not really, but i’m still cranky. taking the red-eye and then home for two whole weeks. wahoo!

and go tigers! so sad i can’t be there!


One Response to “you went half way around the world to do what?”

  1. Alma-Katherine Hunter October 1, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    Scary…interesting how different cultures expect different things. Difference between the county fair and the World’s Fair??? You both look like you were having great fun, though! I would have loved to be with you! Love, Mom

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