what you didn’t hear about hong kong

5 Oct

i could go on and on about the awkward situations i put myself in on my trip. like how i scared a very nice lady away with my sarcasm. or trying to attempt to speak cantonese. or my lack of chopstick skills. these things happen.

during my two week tenure overseas i did not exercise. not one bit. nada. none.

and i ate whatever the heck i wanted. when i wanted. you can imagine the puffiness of my ankles. between the long flights and the mooncakes i felt like the marshmallow man.

but see, i didn’t plan on abandoning the running ship. it just sorta happened. there was too much to do and too many places to see. so what if there was a park next to my hotel, i needed to upload pictures and catch up on facebook. there were mango pastries to be had, why would i need to run?

and then i got back. and realized how just a two week break can kick your butt. i decided that i would try to hop back on the horse, so to speak, with a 5 mile jog. bwahahahahaha. how naïve. it was painful. and i hurt. my legs, my chest. i was in pain. but i got through it.

and how did i decide to follow that up? oh you know, with a little 5k race. genius i tell you. the race was two days after my 5 mile run and i was still sore. the race advertised as flat and fast. lies, lies i tell you. it was hilly. which is the exact opposite of flat and fast. and it started uphill. big fat liars.

but i can’t be all sad. i posted a personal record with a sub 30 minute race. can’t complain about that.

and then i celebrated with my in-laws and husband like any person should — with pie. no photojournalism here, i was lame and took no photos.

and now i’m back on track. lots of running, lots of sweating, lots of really annoying nutrition talk. 🙂


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