what time is it?

26 Oct

game time!

we can only make it to a few football games a year (namely due to my travel schedule and lack of desire to travel anywhere on the weekends). but it’s a tradition to go to the georgia tech vs. clemson game each year. after all, we are a house divided. and honestly, i was sick of losing to georgia tech and i felt pretty good about clemsons chances this year. but i’ve learned that it’s never a good idea to taunt your husband because it will come back to haunt you.

you see, in the history of the series since we’ve been in school clemson either kills georgia tech or gt squeaks by with a win. and last year there were two of those squeaks and i didn’t care for that. but again, i’ve learned that college football is a bunch of 18 year old boys running around a field and nothing i do can change the outcome of their game. so it’s better for everyone to take a lighthearted approach.

so i’ve shifted the football intensity to tailgate intensity. i think it’s common knowledge that clemson takes tailgating pretty seriously and whenever i get together with my pals we try to live up to that reputation.

this year, i decided to make a snackadium. what is a snackadium you ask? well, i think a picture speaks volumes here.

i severely underestimated the cost of creating the snackadium but every penny was worth the investment. alex got into the act as well with assembly of the rice krispies and goal posts (slim jims).

and for some reason i wasn’t feeling very into photos, too much talking i guess but i was able to capture a few shots.

carri and i

and of course, an old roomie reunion picture. 608.

we had such a great time and watched the game at my favorite college bar, tiger town tavern. i love going back there even if their long island ice teas now taste like paint thinner. rip mini bottles. good time all around complete with a tiger victory.


One Response to “what time is it?”

  1. amy October 27, 2010 at 7:00 pm #

    wanted to let you know everyone loved your snackadium, it was very awesome. wyatt would like one for his birthday, how much do you charge?

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