baby steps

29 Oct

initially when we bought our house we were gung ‘ho. we wanted to paint, tile, rewire. and i wanted it down now. or really then.

then we settled into our home. and i’m not sure if we just got comfortable with our house or we just were tuckered out, but we lost that new homeowners energy. so while we have a list of things we want to do, we just don’t have the energy/patience/want to finish them.

now this post is a long time coming, we actually finished this project way back in august and i’m just posting about it now in october. one of the things that really dates our house is the lighting. while i think half the lights were updated in teh ’80s, i’m pretty sure that the other half is/was original to the house. i love charm and character as much as the next gal, but i don’t love outdated.

after trolling the internet and lowe’s for a few months we made our lighting purchases: the exterior front lights, main hall lights, and master bed light fixture. we still have four more on our list but those will happen with time.

dad drove down from greenville to a) show us how to change a light and b) help us out. this went incredibly fast in we were done in a record 3 hours. i was impressed.

while i never loved our exterior lights, they were livable. what really made me change my mind was when a momma bird decided that they would make a nest for her little ones. the thought of electrocuting baby birds was a deal breaker because the cover to the lights was long gone.

here are the exterior lights before

dad in the process

and the after

and up close

i forgot to mention my dads lovely shoes. you should rush out and get yourself a pair before they sell out.

 and finally our bedroom. i don’t have a before but we had a non-working fan. since we’ve gotten accustomed to having a bedside fan in our room i was able to convince alex that we didn’t need an overhead fan. or he caved because he’s nicer than me and didn’t want to put up a fight. 🙂

and that lovely wavy white line is where our crown molding will go. one day. add it to the list.


One Response to “baby steps”

  1. mom October 29, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    Everything looks so nice! I love your fixture in your bedroom. And, of course I would just die for a pair of shoes such as your dad’s…not. The front porch fixtures are awesome! You two have great taste. It all comes with time. Love you.

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