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san diego: the places

30 Nov

it’s no secret that we love to eat. so of course i post about where we ate last week. but we also had a great time seeing some of the san diego sights.

at the top of our list was the san diego zoo. i was lucky enough to work with the zoo almost three years ago and so i knew what to expect. but it was alex’s first trip so i wanted to make sure we didn’t miss it.

it’s amazing. we were there for nearly 5 hours and our legs managed to hurt before we got bored viewing the animals. we saw EVERYTHING. the lions, tigers, pandas, koalas, you name it, we saw it.

i got a big kick out of the sign at the lion exhibit. luckily, we didn’t have to experience that first hand.

i really like this fella. i’m not sure what the heck he was but he reminded me of our puppy, chloe.

the polar bears were alex’s favorite. we lucked out and stumbled on a feeding. apparently polar bears like romaine lettuce. like a lot. this guy was about half the size of what he would have been in the wild. yowzers.

the zoo had two pandas, a mom and son, on exhibit.

we even managed to find some tigers. we heard both the lion and the tiger growl. i was thankful for the thick cable that separated us.

this habitat housed several small moneys and otters. the otters had a little lazy river of sorts

a black bear for alex

alex LOVES a petting zoo. promise.

we walked and walked until our tired legs could walk no more. we need to recover. and so we found a bar.

but not just any bar, this was inside petco field. we walked up to take a few pictures and the field security guide let us know that the park was open and encouraged us to take a photographs inside. it’s a beautiful park

they even have a little section dedicated to pups. it’s sand and grass so that your dog can enjoy the park, too.

san diego is awesome. plain and simple. i’m ready to go back, those goat cheese tator tots are calling my name.


turkey trot 2010

29 Nov

a few months ago alex, my friend holly, and i signed up for a thanksgiving race. i thought it would be the perfect way to kill off a few of the calories from the dressing and gravy. my training plan called for 10 miles so i thought 5 speedy miles and 5 slow miles would do the trick. only i never made it to the second five miler. c’est la vie.

but back to the race. it was pretty nasty weather — cold and rainy. we managed to pose and smile for a few photos

i really wanted to dress up like turkey but i didn’t have the nerve. i even toyed with running in an apron. alas, i settled on normal running clothes. but lots of folks dressed up in turkey hats, indian garb, and basters.

i should mention that normal running clothes includes my new ruffle tee. i was pretty darn excited about it

lining up for the start

and then my camera died. but i promise we all finished. the course was fairly hilly and i’ve realized i don’t like passing the finish line before i actually finish (mile 4 has you pass the end point and loop back around). i even ran into a few kids from high school/college. after the race i needed to warm up and took the longest, hottest shower of my life.

we vegged on the couch for a few hours watching football (and a small nap) then had a tasty dinner. i live for dressing. and gravy. and turkey. i am so thankful to god for giving me the strength to run and a wonderful family.

san diego: the food

23 Nov

friday dinner we made reservations at a swanky little steakhouse named suite and tender. it was a  great boutique style steakhouse. i can’t remember what we had (except for steak of course) because of the amazing meals to follow . . .

saturday morning we woke up bright and early (because we like to stay on east coast time) to try hash house a go go. this place has been featured on the food network & travel channel and i was intrigued by the mondo portion sizes.

we were there at 7:30ish and by 8:00 the place had a wait. seriously. most of the parking around is via a parking meter and our server told us that they went through $60 a day in change. the hot chocolate was striking my fancy and when this arrived i knew we were in for a treat.

it was rich. it was creamy. and my personal favorite — marshmallowy. that’s a new word. run with it.

alex opted for the tractor driver combo. i went with andy’s fried chicken benedict. here’s our before:

and after:


i ate until i felt sick. and then i had two more bites. and for lunch we each had a diet coke and churro. yeah, not very hungry for the rest of the day.

saturday dinner was a small neighborhood restaurant named kensington grill. i read about the restaurant in the hotel magazine as being a trendsetter for their tots. specifically their goat cheese tots. count me in. when we showed up we had to wait — want to know one of my biggest pet peeves? waiting at a restaurant when you have a reservation. ooverall, service was pretty poor. but you know what? i would go back because the food was one of the best meals of my life.

for appetizers we went with a mixed brushetta: strawberry nutella with sea salt, buratta and heirloom tomato, and prosciutto with melon. pretty awesome. alex ordered the shrimp waffle (sounds strange but it was buttery goodness) with the truffled mac ‘n cheese.

i had the goat cheese tots with homemade ketchup and duck pot pie. and since we were technically on vacation we HAD to order dessert. we went with the snickers torte.

sunday brunch we walked over to a crêpe bistro named chocolat. two words: nutella & marscapone. we originally started with a round of savory crepes. alex had some kinds of mushroom cheese and i went with ham with bechamel sauce. but we couldn’t stop there. alex ordered nutella with granola and i devoured my marscapone and nutella. a-mah-zing. hands down one of the best things i have EVER put in my mouth. really.

i’ve been on a crêpe kick and even splurged and had a nutella/banana crêpe for breakfast last thursday morning. followed by a strawberry popsicle/pistachio/gummy bear dinner care of the westin’s gift shop.

travel time: thanksgiving edition

22 Nov

just in time for the thanksgiving holidays i thought i would write about my personal favorite topic: travel.

with all the TSA kafluffle i couldn’t help but comment on the madness. yes, the new scanners take about 10 seconds longer. and yes, technically someone can see your shape on a screen. and yes you STILL have to abide by the 3 oz and no shoes rules. we’re not going to see those change in the near future. or ever.

but you know what? i’m going to submit to every single security option TSA throws my way. and i am going to do so happily.

want to know why?

because there are bad guys that do bad things. and since i fly a lot i have increased chances of being on a plane with one of these bad guys.

i get the general idea of being upset about the scanners. but really, don’t you want every opportunity to catch someone who tries to, oh i don’t know, engage in acts of terrorism?

i watched a special tonight where someone carries a metal copy of the bill of rights in his pocket. when he goes through security he intentionally sets off the alarm and then “hands over his rights” to the TSA agent. what a butthead. he’s managed to hold up the line and be a total butthead at the same time. you choose to fly therefore you choose to submit to the rules and regulations of flying. if it’s that big of a deal to you take a train or drive yourself. i appreciate the shorter line at security.

stepping off my soapbox.

today is the day

19 Nov

there are no words . . .

just for kicks

18 Nov

last weekend in san diego we ran on the harbor twice. and both times we ran by a rather large cruise ship. anyone watch the news last week and hear about a certain cruise ship that was towed into port in san diego? yeah, we saw the splendor.

on friday one of carnival’s sister ships was departing directly to the right of the splendor. i wonder of seeing the powerless ship next to their own was a little nerve-racking?

top 5 reasons to throw your laptop out the window

16 Nov

5) It’s slow as molasses. Truly. It takes 20 minutes to reboot.
4) It doesn’t want to open Outlook. Only in safe mode. And only when I’ve tried to open regular Outlook and then had to crt+atl+delete.
3) the lovely white line on the middle of my screen. an IT guy told me that my monitor is about to go out. lovely.
2) my usb ports don’t work. not one of them. out of four? zero in working order.
1) because i want a new one darn it.

so no pictures or san diego ’til i get home this weekend. 😦 i had a lovely time and documented the trip fairly well. i have to walk over the 10 to get to work each day, maybe i’ll accidentally trip and my laptop will accidentally fall into la rush hour traffic.

UPDATE: when i unplug or close my computer it shuts down. laptop/shmaptop. apparently i need to stay plugged in and always work. this happened yesterday afternoon after my rant. i guess it’s laptop karma.