la . . . again

10 Nov

and by la i mean LA. for the third time this year. soon to be followed by the fourth time this year. i was pumped for the warm weather but it looks like ATL has warmer temps than the west coast this week. silly weather bug.

this week my coworkers and i have been scoping out all the happy hours downtown. i’ve decided this is now how i want to eat every meal. by ordering 10 things off the appetizer menu i’ve tried everything from fried brussels sprouts to kobe beef sliders to goat cheese tamales. and a spicy margarita complete with jalapeño juice. yum-o.

and it’s super affordable to order of the happy hour menu. even in pricey la, things are between $4-$8. and since i’m an old lady ordering before 6:30 is ideal.

monday we had sushi and asian tapas here at chaya. my absolute all around favorite.

we’ve adopted casa for taco tuesday ($2 tacos in la can’t be beat).

and tonight we tried chaya’s sister restaurant, drago for italian inspired app.’s. we splurged for their dessert and it was a-mah-zing. i’m pretty sure i had bacon toffee. BACON toffee. and brown butter gelato. i can feel my thighs growing just reading that. 🙂

alex makes his way over to the west coast tomorrow night and we’re going to drive down to san diego. we’re excited to take a weekend somewhere fun. alex has never been to san diego and it’s been a few years since i’ve visited. and i’ve never been for fun (seriuosly, where do i actually travel for fun?) and i’m excited to play tourist. we’ve got a run in balboa park scheduled and a trip to the world famous zoo. and of course hitting up their happening restaurant scene.


One Response to “la . . . again”

  1. mom November 11, 2010 at 2:33 pm #

    What a fun time! I know you and Alex will really enjoy your trip, too!

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