to garmin or not to garmin

11 Nov

i’m at in impasse. well, not really. i am 99.9% i’m going to be purchasing a garmin in the near future. it’s just hard to justify spending that kind of money on something and i’ve got to talk myself into it.

this sunday one of alex’s friends let us borrow his garmin (the 305). last week i ran by planned 11 miles with a 10:30 pace. i was very happy with this time. that really encouraged me to believe that it’s possible to finish the half at that pace.

but this sunday, with the borrowed garmin, i ran 11 miles at a 9:52 pace. hot tamale. and i genuinely believe that it’s because i had the garmin. i was able to easily gauge my pace with a quick glance down — no worrying about my nike +’s tendency to be “off” and no messing with my touch and worrying about accidentally shutting the thing down. and i was in recovery for two days after that run. seriously. i’m sure my flight to LA didn’t help. but that’s another story. and my computer has decided that it doesn’t want to recognize usb ports. again. awesomeness. so no uploading my runs to nike +.

so here’s the shakedown. there’s one option that’s a fair amount less expensive and functionally meets the majority of my needs.

exhibit a:

the garmin 305. practical. accurate. easy to use. and freakishly large. and a bit awkward. this is the model i used on my run sunday and i was very happy with the performance.

exhibit b:

the garmin 405.

complete with touchscreen. functionality to “race” others. and wirelessly uploading data to your computer. and twice as expensive. and from reviews the touch screen is a bit tough to work mid run.

anyone out there had any experience with these?


2 Responses to “to garmin or not to garmin”

  1. Lindsey November 12, 2010 at 7:46 am #

    I had the 305 for a while and I didn’t like it. Not only because it was big on my wrist but it also seemed not to last long on battery.

    I still want a garmin but i’m leaning towards the garmin forerunner 110. It takes out all the features I wasn’t using, makes it really light, and it’s the right size for my wrist. I would suggest checking out that one too.

    It’s definitely an investment but it’s worth it (IMO).

    • katgar17 November 12, 2010 at 9:37 am #

      thanks lindsey, that’s exactly what i need to hear!

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