guuuu ewwww

12 Nov

i think i was drawn to running because of the lack of skills or equipment you needed to get going. sneakers? check. everything else is gravy, right?

while not as crazy as the hubs’ tri gadgets, running can get a little costly. special socks. a new gps. downloading new songs on itunes. this is my first full winter running and of course i own no winter running gear, so add that to the list. it adds up.

and then there’s the whole nutrition factor. i specifically remember thinking that people that take gu or fuel while working out were ridiculously silly.

oh judgemental kate. little did you know that you would soon be one of those silly people.

i now have a whole drawer dedicated to “nutrition” in my pantry. when my long runs started getting, well long, in august i decided i had to take the plunge. any workout over an hour required a boost.

i tried all the big brands: hammer, gu, powerade, cliff. you name it, i gave it a shot. and while i love the flavor of hammer gels the most, gu works best for me. and gu probably makes the most flavors.

so i knew what brands of gels i preferred. check. what to do with the 5 huckleberry hammer gels hanging out. 🙂

then my long runs got a bit longer. as in two gel territory. hmmm. i don’t like gu’s that much. and this is where it gets good.

i LOVE chewy candy. i prefer twizzlers and gummy bears to a snickers any day. and lucky for me gu makes chomps.

aka gummy bears with energy. i find myself looking forward to every 45 minute interval for my delicious treat.

so what does all this mean? basically i’m running such a long time that i’m burning a lot of calories and losing electrolytes. and since calories=energy, i need some fuel for my body. or else i crash and burn. otherwise known as bonking. i’m just throwing around runners talk today like i’ve been doing it longer than a year. ha.

so if you see any of the new watermelon flavored chomps, pick them up for me. my REI doesn’t carry them and i really want to sample them — maybe even save them as a treat for kiawah.


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