top 5 reasons to throw your laptop out the window

16 Nov

5) It’s slow as molasses. Truly. It takes 20 minutes to reboot.
4) It doesn’t want to open Outlook. Only in safe mode. And only when I’ve tried to open regular Outlook and then had to crt+atl+delete.
3) the lovely white line on the middle of my screen. an IT guy told me that my monitor is about to go out. lovely.
2) my usb ports don’t work. not one of them. out of four? zero in working order.
1) because i want a new one darn it.

so no pictures or san diego ’til i get home this weekend. 😦 i had a lovely time and documented the trip fairly well. i have to walk over the 10 to get to work each day, maybe i’ll accidentally trip and my laptop will accidentally fall into la rush hour traffic.

UPDATE: when i unplug or close my computer it shuts down. laptop/shmaptop. apparently i need to stay plugged in and always work. this happened yesterday afternoon after my rant. i guess it’s laptop karma.


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