travel time: thanksgiving edition

22 Nov

just in time for the thanksgiving holidays i thought i would write about my personal favorite topic: travel.

with all the TSA kafluffle i couldn’t help but comment on the madness. yes, the new scanners take about 10 seconds longer. and yes, technically someone can see your shape on a screen. and yes you STILL have to abide by the 3 oz and no shoes rules. we’re not going to see those change in the near future. or ever.

but you know what? i’m going to submit to every single security option TSA throws my way. and i am going to do so happily.

want to know why?

because there are bad guys that do bad things. and since i fly a lot i have increased chances of being on a plane with one of these bad guys.

i get the general idea of being upset about the scanners. but really, don’t you want every opportunity to catch someone who tries to, oh i don’t know, engage in acts of terrorism?

i watched a special tonight where someone carries a metal copy of the bill of rights in his pocket. when he goes through security he intentionally sets off the alarm and then “hands over his rights” to the TSA agent. what a butthead. he’s managed to hold up the line and be a total butthead at the same time. you choose to fly therefore you choose to submit to the rules and regulations of flying. if it’s that big of a deal to you take a train or drive yourself. i appreciate the shorter line at security.

stepping off my soapbox.


One Response to “travel time: thanksgiving edition”

  1. Mom November 22, 2010 at 9:24 pm #

    I agree with you totally. I would rather everyone be treated the same…less chance of some nut traveling with something “harmful”!
    I want you safe and well. Love, Mom

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