san diego: the places

30 Nov

it’s no secret that we love to eat. so of course i post about where we ate last week. but we also had a great time seeing some of the san diego sights.

at the top of our list was the san diego zoo. i was lucky enough to work with the zoo almost three years ago and so i knew what to expect. but it was alex’s first trip so i wanted to make sure we didn’t miss it.

it’s amazing. we were there for nearly 5 hours and our legs managed to hurt before we got bored viewing the animals. we saw EVERYTHING. the lions, tigers, pandas, koalas, you name it, we saw it.

i got a big kick out of the sign at the lion exhibit. luckily, we didn’t have to experience that first hand.

i really like this fella. i’m not sure what the heck he was but he reminded me of our puppy, chloe.

the polar bears were alex’s favorite. we lucked out and stumbled on a feeding. apparently polar bears like romaine lettuce. like a lot. this guy was about half the size of what he would have been in the wild. yowzers.

the zoo had two pandas, a mom and son, on exhibit.

we even managed to find some tigers. we heard both the lion and the tiger growl. i was thankful for the thick cable that separated us.

this habitat housed several small moneys and otters. the otters had a little lazy river of sorts

a black bear for alex

alex LOVES a petting zoo. promise.

we walked and walked until our tired legs could walk no more. we need to recover. and so we found a bar.

but not just any bar, this was inside petco field. we walked up to take a few pictures and the field security guide let us know that the park was open and encouraged us to take a photographs inside. it’s a beautiful park

they even have a little section dedicated to pups. it’s sand and grass so that your dog can enjoy the park, too.

san diego is awesome. plain and simple. i’m ready to go back, those goat cheese tator tots are calling my name.


One Response to “san diego: the places”

  1. mom December 1, 2010 at 9:31 am #

    Wow…I’m so jealous! Great visit. I love the pandas.

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