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oh the places you will go

17 Dec

this year i flew a whopping 89,000 miles. i have seen the inside of far too many airports. i know that in indianapolis is one of the cleanest. detriot win the award for best food/beverages. o’hare gets the “need a complete renovation 10 years ago” award. and regean wins the award for worst layout (putting all the good restaurants OUTSIDE of security).

but the travel itself just remains an occupational hazard. i enjoy the people watching in an airport more. there’s something about watching a family board the plane to see their family or a solider return home from a tour. i get a glimpse into people’s lives each time i make my way to hartsfield jackson.

so where does 89,000 miles take you? i couldn’t help but put together a list of where i’ve been in 2010.

the * denotes that 2010 was the first year i visited said city

Americus, GA*

Vancouver, BC

Los Angeles (6)

Chicago (3)



Ft. Lauderdale


Washington, DC

Philadelphia (2)

Dallas (2)

White Plains (2)*

Detroit (4)

Boston (2)


Hong Kong*


2011 is shaping up for 4 more trips to both dallas and los angeles. that’s before april.


is it really christmas?

10 Dec

and am i really running a half marathon tomorrow? this year i can’t seem to get in the christmas spirit. we’ve got two christmas (and one birthday party) on saturday. that we’re missing. because we’re the silly people that signed up for a half marathon. and i’ll miss another christmas party while traveling back from chicago. bah humbug. i’m pretty bummed about missing all holiday festivities in 2010.

maybe it’s the 65 degree weather of los angeles. maybe it’s because i’ve only spent like 5 nights in my own bed since the beginning of novemeber. and let’s not even talk about the non-existent, un-decorated christmas tree. alex was kind enough to get all the christmas decorations from the attic but i didn’t have time to put them up when i was home last weekend. and with kiawah this weekend? not happening.

i’ve got one last week of work/travel and then two glorious weeks off. to be spend promptly on my couch. and possibly christmas shopping. because i still have 75% of that to do, too. anyone know any elves they’ll let me borrow?

so here’s my run plan:

i’m not going to actually run the whole thing. maybe one day. but tomorrow will not be that day. i’m going to walk 3 times for a total of 3 minutes. that seems a lot shorter when i write that down. want to know the fastest minute of your life? it’s the minute between walks.

 i’m shooting for about 2 hours 17 minutes which is about a 10 1/2 minute mile pace. i will also not be winning this half marathon. i would just like to finish in the top half of racers. we’ll see. i’ll eat a yummy bag of watermelon chomps and a pretty delicious pineapple gu. i’m working on the race playlist — any last minute suggestions are appreciated.

the race at kiawah is a flat loop but pretty curvy (ie, i’ll end up taking more steps, boo!) with weather predictions of about 45 degrees at race time and about 55 – 60 by the time we finish. kiawah is really promoting a green race so we’ll receive medals made of recycled glass and organic cotton t-shirt. i’m going to be honest, if i pay $85 for a race i want a tech shirt. just sayin’.

i’m hoping the scenery keeps things interesting enough. i would prefer not to get eaten by a ‘gator. unless that helps me run faster. and then i’ll offer my left baby toe.

so around 8 am tomorrow morning if you could say a little prayer that i (and alex) have the strength to finish, that would be super. k. thanks. 🙂

race week

9 Dec

(almost race day)

greetings from LA. this is my last trip to the west coast until february and i’m pretty excited about the reduction on my flight time. and i’ll be heading back just in time to warm up again when i’m tired of winter. i get a real dose of the cold next week on my trip to chicago. i’m cold just thinking about it. or maybe it’s because i’m sitting under the air conditioning vent at LAX.

this saturday i’ll tie up my laces (although i don’t actually tie my shoes, i just pull them on) and run the kiawah half marathon. i’m excited. i’m nervous. i want to have  a great run. alex and i bit the bullet and bought gps’s for an early christmas present. he loves his. i’m having a little trouble figuring out the details of mine but i’m getting closer and i think i’ve got it figured out now. i will not let it beat me. i teach technology for a living damnit.

i’ve trained up to 12 miles which means that race day will be the first time i’ve ever run 13.1 miles. that’s very scary to me. i’m trying to mentally break the race into mini races so that it doesn’t feel so long. because running for 2+ hours is daunting enough i try not to think about the mileage itself. my co-workers have been extremely supportive and have run with me on my 8 miler last thursday and 5 miler today. they’re awesome like that. and they don’t make me run super fast. that makes them super awesome.

i’m also focusing on my post race dinner of south carolina’s best oysters at bowens island. this time in 48 hours i’ll be sipping a cold beer (hopefully) celebrating my first half completion. i’m going to be sipping the cold beer regardless.

celebrities are people too

1 Dec

growing up i lived for blossom, hey dude, and clarissa explains it all. so imagine my excitement when none other than miss clarissa herself, melissa joan hart, not only boarded my flight, but sat in the row next to me. shut up!

clarissa was my style icon. she was smart. she was sassy. she had a super cool window seat where her friends could pop in via a ladder anytime.

i noticed her as we were boarding and tried my best not to stare. this is difficult for me because i stare without realizing i’m really staring. hubs catches me doing that all the time. ms. hart was joined by her family, two precious little boys in pjs (they’re who i noticed first) and her hubs.

what struck me most is that she’s totally normal. she sat in coach. in a middle seat to let her sons take the aisle. and packed play kits and snacks.

so no, i didn’t get an autograph, i didn’t have the nerve (and i hate to bother people on planes). but it made my late night flight to LA tolerable.