celebrities are people too

1 Dec

growing up i lived for blossom, hey dude, and clarissa explains it all. so imagine my excitement when none other than miss clarissa herself, melissa joan hart, not only boarded my flight, but sat in the row next to me. shut up!

clarissa was my style icon. she was smart. she was sassy. she had a super cool window seat where her friends could pop in via a ladder anytime.

i noticed her as we were boarding and tried my best not to stare. this is difficult for me because i stare without realizing i’m really staring. hubs catches me doing that all the time. ms. hart was joined by her family, two precious little boys in pjs (they’re who i noticed first) and her hubs.

what struck me most is that she’s totally normal. she sat in coach. in a middle seat to let her sons take the aisle. and packed play kits and snacks.

so no, i didn’t get an autograph, i didn’t have the nerve (and i hate to bother people on planes). but it made my late night flight to LA tolerable.


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