oh the places you will go

17 Dec

this year i flew a whopping 89,000 miles. i have seen the inside of far too many airports. i know that in indianapolis is one of the cleanest. detriot win the award for best food/beverages. o’hare gets the “need a complete renovation 10 years ago” award. and regean wins the award for worst layout (putting all the good restaurants OUTSIDE of security).

but the travel itself just remains an occupational hazard. i enjoy the people watching in an airport more. there’s something about watching a family board the plane to see their family or a solider return home from a tour. i get a glimpse into people’s lives each time i make my way to hartsfield jackson.

so where does 89,000 miles take you? i couldn’t help but put together a list of where i’ve been in 2010.

the * denotes that 2010 was the first year i visited said city

Americus, GA*

Vancouver, BC

Los Angeles (6)

Chicago (3)



Ft. Lauderdale


Washington, DC

Philadelphia (2)

Dallas (2)

White Plains (2)*

Detroit (4)

Boston (2)


Hong Kong*


2011 is shaping up for 4 more trips to both dallas and los angeles. that’s before april.


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