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disney done

28 Feb

will post more later — catching my flight back to lax


disney princess or bust

26 Feb

i write this from new york on my way to orlando.


but wait kate, i’m confused, i thought you were in LA. new york is not on the way to orlando.


oh dear friends, we do crazy things for travel. i could have hopped on the red-eye to atlanta. the quick 3 1/2 hour flight would have left me with a 4 1/2 hour layover in atlanta and with less sleep. flying to jfk ensured at least 4 hours on flight 1, less than a 3 hour connection, and another 3 hours of travel time on flight 2. i promise this makes sense. and i held out hope that i would get upgraded from lax to jfk which = laydown seats. and praise the lord, i was. travel gods are shining on me so far. please keep your fingers crossed that they continue to do so.


i finished my bejewled headband on the flight. i’m pretty sure the fellow next to me thought i was crazy. but i’m pretty proud. i have to assemble my tutu onsite as it would not fit in my luggage.

and yes, i’m at one of those fancy “recharge” stations at the airport which makes for super high quality photos. i should totally quit my day job, right?

if anyone is interested in tracking me click on this link. make sure to sign up today by 6:00pm.


and i officially decided that this is just going to be a fun run. while 13 miles is never going to be easy, it will be a lot less exhausting with the walk/run plan i have developed with my fellow princess racer. she’s in boston and in case you haven’t seen the news, they’ve been blizzard central this year. i convinced her to join me in this race over sangria when it was 80 degrees in july, we didn’t think about the winter training. but she’s a good sport and has crash trained the last month.


and this time tomorrow i’ll be a few miles into my second half marathon. that’s just crazy. i looked back at my nike+ and i ran 23 miles in march last year. all of march. which is a couple of miles more than i now run a week. crazyiness.


thanks everyone for your calls and emails! with the time change and tiredness i’m not always great at call backs but i appreciate every bit of encouragement!

kiawah review

25 Feb

i realized i never posted about my first 1/2 experience.

it was amazing. the racing at least. i remember thinking that “this is something i could really do — a lot!”

mother nature was not so cooperative. all week the weather forecast was predicting a sunny, warm winter day. until about 2 hours before we made it to charleston. race morning we awoke to a balmy 45 degree, rainy day.bleh. i purchased a rain jacket at the last-minute but opted not to wear it because it was a bit big and i really wanted to return it.

i was incredibly nervous. i was so thankful to have a few co-workers and alex to keep me busy.  when the race started and i just smiled and took off. the first mile i tried to get in my groove and avoid the crowd. this turned out to be one my slowest miles. i kept with my game plan and ran/walked and ate at my allotted times.

i had a mental bust around mile 7. the first half of the course the rain pelted on my left shoulder. i got used to it a few miles in only to have to turn around at the half way point and have my right side get drenched.  but i kept on course with my timing — while i knew i could reach for my 2 hour 17 minute goal i really wanted 10 minute miles — and i finished with 10:03 second miles. i can’t complain.

the race logistics were fantastic. i had to wait in very few lines. picking up my t-shirt and waiting for the porta potties was easy peasy. we had to take a bus to and from the race and that was also cake. but the highlight of the event was the post-race food. they had the most fantastic hot chocolate and white bean soup. i had no less than 4 cups of hot chocolate. delish.

first race = success.

trying again

20 Feb

i never had any intention of quitting this blog. i wanted to take a few weeks off for the holidays and enjoy my time off.


then life happened. god had other plans for my time. he had other plans for my thoughts. and he certainly had other plans for my life. 2011 dealt me an unimaginable blow. and i wasn’t ready. but honestly, are we ever ready for what god gives us?


but the sun still manages to rise and set every day.


a few years ago when i started writing it was to document my travels. i’ve always known that while there are many things that i love about my road warrior lifestyle, that traveling isn’t forever. i want to remember what i loved about traveling — capturing the food and places. i pretty much love food more than anything else in the world (save my family of course) and my new-found passion for running is 99% to allow me to enjoy eating what i want. i started re-focusing on that last fall. and i want to do that again.


i’ve got a 1/2 marathon scheduled for next sunday. the disney princess. i’ll post more about that later but i’ve tried my best to train up. i’m not in kiawah shape but i’ve gotten a few good, long runs in.


so i’m in LA for week 1 of 4. so expect lots of LA reviews. although we tend to go to the same places every week. don’t mess with a good thing i say!