trying again

20 Feb

i never had any intention of quitting this blog. i wanted to take a few weeks off for the holidays and enjoy my time off.


then life happened. god had other plans for my time. he had other plans for my thoughts. and he certainly had other plans for my life. 2011 dealt me an unimaginable blow. and i wasn’t ready. but honestly, are we ever ready for what god gives us?


but the sun still manages to rise and set every day.


a few years ago when i started writing it was to document my travels. i’ve always known that while there are many things that i love about my road warrior lifestyle, that traveling isn’t forever. i want to remember what i loved about traveling — capturing the food and places. i pretty much love food more than anything else in the world (save my family of course) and my new-found passion for running is 99% to allow me to enjoy eating what i want. i started re-focusing on that last fall. and i want to do that again.


i’ve got a 1/2 marathon scheduled for next sunday. the disney princess. i’ll post more about that later but i’ve tried my best to train up. i’m not in kiawah shape but i’ve gotten a few good, long runs in.


so i’m in LA for week 1 of 4. so expect lots of LA reviews. although we tend to go to the same places every week. don’t mess with a good thing i say!


2 Responses to “trying again”

  1. alex February 21, 2011 at 7:27 pm #

    race well babe! love you!!

  2. Meredith February 25, 2011 at 3:40 pm #

    I wish I could be there running it with you! I know you’ll be amazing!

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