kiawah review

25 Feb

i realized i never posted about my first 1/2 experience.

it was amazing. the racing at least. i remember thinking that “this is something i could really do — a lot!”

mother nature was not so cooperative. all week the weather forecast was predicting a sunny, warm winter day. until about 2 hours before we made it to charleston. race morning we awoke to a balmy 45 degree, rainy day.bleh. i purchased a rain jacket at the last-minute but opted not to wear it because it was a bit big and i really wanted to return it.

i was incredibly nervous. i was so thankful to have a few co-workers and alex to keep me busy.  when the race started and i just smiled and took off. the first mile i tried to get in my groove and avoid the crowd. this turned out to be one my slowest miles. i kept with my game plan and ran/walked and ate at my allotted times.

i had a mental bust around mile 7. the first half of the course the rain pelted on my left shoulder. i got used to it a few miles in only to have to turn around at the half way point and have my right side get drenched.  but i kept on course with my timing — while i knew i could reach for my 2 hour 17 minute goal i really wanted 10 minute miles — and i finished with 10:03 second miles. i can’t complain.

the race logistics were fantastic. i had to wait in very few lines. picking up my t-shirt and waiting for the porta potties was easy peasy. we had to take a bus to and from the race and that was also cake. but the highlight of the event was the post-race food. they had the most fantastic hot chocolate and white bean soup. i had no less than 4 cups of hot chocolate. delish.

first race = success.


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