la week one review

1 Mar

disney race review tomorrow. pinky swear.


we hit up a few of our regular happy hour deals at chaya, border grill, and of course my all time favorite bottega louie’s. outside of the amazing burrata pizza, they have a delectable pastry case. see this guy? it’s the soul mate of the one i ate in hong kong.

i very seldom partake in the actual drinking part of happy hour but love the super deals on food. did y’all know that it’s extremely affordable to eat at some of the best places during happy hour? if you think a place is out of budget check out that HH menu and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised with the delish deals.

but we made a vow to try at least one new place this week (and get ready for this: all but one new place for next week). we’ve toyed with checking out one particular restaurant for a while and decided thursday night to venture out of our comfort zone and check it out. that it may or may not have been next to this cupcake place may have made that decision.

top chef season 2 winner ilan hall opened the gorbals a few months back and the reviews looked promising. the building’s location provided for an interesting cast of characters and i certainly did not feel “cool” or LA enough, but loved the food. in fact, my dining partner and i may have been the only people in pastels as i was in sunshine yellow cardigan and he a turquoise polo. we like to think we look east coast, not uncool. there’s a difference, i swear.

so we mosied on over for dinner but took a pit stop at big man bakes. we were offered nutella and caramel apple samples. loved the caramel apple, the nutella tasted too much like peanut butter for my liking. and i love nutella (just ask me about the nutella crepe i ate for breakfast) but i opted for 6 assorted minis and a full size caramel apple.

one little guy didn’t make it out of the store. 🙂

yum, right? i found out about the cupcake place on the foodnetwork’s throwdown with bobby flay. big man lost to bobby but i thought these little guys were pretty amazing.

i had to do a little negotiating to get andrew, my co-worker, to agree to the gorbals. it’s a funky menu. literally half of a pig head is a menu option. we weren’t feeling brains for dinner and went with recommendations from our waiter. apparently top chef has a funky background with a jewish parent and scottish parent and decided to combine both cultures through food. as in, bacon wrapped matzoh balls. quite tasty. we also sampled the broccoli with soy, vinegar, and chile. the squid ink mussells, bone marrow, and banh mi poutine. they change their menu weekly so something new and tasty is always on the menu.

ps – the top chef winner was cooking in the kitchen and i sorta stared at him. what can i say? i clam up with celebrity sitings. he looked like a totally normal dude. but he also looked like he had visited big man bakes a few times since the show. 🙂


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