diary of a disney princess

2 Mar

3:30 AM:

The alarm goes off. Shuffle around putting on gear and tutu of course. lauren dubs hers “the black swan” tutu.

4:00 AM:

Make our way to the rental car. Make friends with two other runners from Tampa that carpool with us. They’re two sweet moms from tampa that just started using the Jeff Galloway run/walk method. They’re wearing adorable sparkly skirts

4:30 AM:

Hit the equivalent of rush hour traffic in Atlanta. We’re only a mile a way but it takes us until 4:45 to get to the Epcot parking lot.

5:00 AM:

Park and stop at the massive row of porta potties. saw someone almost vomit. i almost lose my cookies, lauren breathes through her tutu. princesses should not have to use porta potties.


Lauren and I hug goodbye as she is in corral D and i’m in corral B (after much deliberation i decide to “run” the race. i was motivated because i didn’t want to be in a corral with walkers).


the fairy godmother announces the start of my wave with fireworks. i’m nervous but much happier due to the 65 degree weather.


i finally make it out of the cluster and find my groove. i’m feeling good.


i run through cinderella’s castle. runners high!


i just may beat my kiawah time. wahoo!


it’s hot and i’m tired. my legs are really feeling the run and i have to call alex for inspiration.




pass a wonderful gospel choir. good lord, you know i needed you!


finish! my new PR! 2:07.41. HOT DOG, I averaged 9:45 minute miles and cut 4 minutes off kiawah. now i stretch, call the supporters,  and wait for lauren.

lauren finishes with her goal time!

the race was so much fun! i promise more photos when i can upload my actual pre/post race photos. this includes an up, close, and personal look at my tutu.


3 Responses to “diary of a disney princess”

  1. Ashlee March 2, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    love, love, love the pictures! I’m so proud of you….you are an inspiration! maybe, just maybe I’ll consider a 5K….

  2. mom March 2, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    I am in awe of the Princess…I bow to you! You looked fantastic, too!! I am sososo proud of you, Kate.

  3. Rosemary March 5, 2011 at 10:39 am #

    I love your blow by blow description of the race. The pictures are the best! Is there a new calendar in your future?

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