LA food week 2 review

7 Mar

one of the things i love about traveling is trying out new restaurants. i love researching and discovering new gems. After a fair amount of trips to LA we found ourselves visiting the same places over and over. we found places we loved to eat and we frequented them often.


but i decided to challenge my co-workers with a new restaurant challenge. we would not return to any place we’ve already eaten.


my co-workers were a little resistant. but in the end, i’m a bossy little thing and they let me have my way. 🙂


first up: vietnamese at blossom. i’ve been on a pho kick since i had the most amazing pho in hong kong. my pho was pretty decent, nothing special but cheap and simple.


night number two we opted for paparazzi filled “the grove/farmer’s market.” 1 co-worker needed an anniversary gift. i convinced him his wife needed a new handbag and proudly modeled a few for fun. The other co-worker didn’t have proper clothes for his onsite and needed to do a little clothes shopping.


the farmers market is a must see in los angeles. there are no less than 25 restaurants to checkout so it’s a great place for a group. no celeb sitings but it’s a staple for the rich and famous.


but the real winner this week was yojie. a japanese “fondue” restaurant we spotted on one of our morning runs. co-worker andrew did his homework and talked us into trying it out. and i loved every mouthful. think melting pot – the cheese. we even splurged for the red velvet fondue. you read that correctly: red. velvet. fondue. drool.



seriously, so much fun. and we just happened upon happy hour with $1 sake. who am i to turn down $1 sake?!


LA week 3 takes us to korea town. should make for some interesting/good treats.


One Response to “LA food week 2 review”

  1. mom March 10, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    Gee…I feel like I’m on the Food Network! I am living vicariously through you…and your friends! Love you…

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