LA Week 3

17 Mar

week 3 we stayed in korea/viet-town because hotel prices were sky high downtown. it was the first time we’ve had a car which was wonderful for trying out new places but a pain to deal with LA traffic. it really does stink people.

so for a few nights we grabbed dinner at close/cheap places. the type of restaurants that don’t spend money on websites. but i had some great ramen and one of the best korean barbeque dinners i’ve ever tasted. i didn’t take any photos but i found a few online to give you an idea of what koren bbq entails. we had to get the “all you can eat” option. $17 is a STEAL in los angeles.

two nights we drove to neighboring pasadena. which was just beautiful. and we had a run in with scientologists. they really do exist. we spiced things up with indian at this place and curry at city thai.

to finish off our week we drove to santa monica just in time to catch the sunset. and of course had an impromptu photo shoot. and for some reason this dress makes me look like i weigh a million pounds. note to self, take dress to consign.

we had a great view at the lobster and then walked on the pier and play a few rounds of skee ball to kill some time before we faced more LA traffic.


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