total randomness

17 Mar

i found a few random photos on my camera and thought i would share.

random photo 1:

this is from a 5k that we ran in february. it was cold. it was hilly. i questioned running.

random photo 2:

this is an amazing watercolor of our beloved Chloe. i was completely puzzled by a package we got in the mail a few weeks ago. we didn’t know the sender and i called and asked alex if i could open it. it was a belated wedding gift. and a total surprise. we are in love and need to order one for conner stat.

random photo 3:

family photo from new year’s with the with a glass of one of my favorites: rosa regale.

and on the music front, i’ve become obsessed with adele. i’ve listened to this song no less than 30 times this week. it will become your new shower anthem.

happy (almost) friday!


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