4th week in LA = check

23 Mar

this was supposed to be my last week in LA for this project. but life (and namely work) happens and i have two more weeks on my schedule coming up.

we caught up on all our old favorites: chaya, bottega louie, yojie, big man bakes

and we tried out a few new places, too.

all of my co-workers were raving about the edison. it’s a good walk and usually my feet hurt after work so i’ve managed to whine my way out of going. until this week.

it was once a power plant and they’ve kept the vintage vibe with a speakeasy feel. the servers and hostesses wear flapper costumes (but not in a kitschy halloween way, in a cool retro way). the give you a token for a 35 cent cocktail which is always helpful for a girl on per diem. loved it. one of the best bowls of mac n’ cheese i’ve ever had. my cocktail tasted very much like zima but i blame that on my choice — there were tons of yummy cocktail options.

andrew and i both had flights on the red-eye so we opted to rent a car so we could take our time leaving. we’ve planned for weeks to go to a recommended thai restaurant that boasts their very own thai elvis. sadly, thai elvis called in sick. and we had some extra time to kill, and heck we were in hollywood, so we drove to groughman’s chinese theater. as many times as i’ve been to LA i’ve always skipped out on the major tourist attractions.


my hands are smaller than hermoine’s!


for some reason they were giving out sundrops. we took them because they were free. now i know why. bleh.

and then we caught our flights. lax is getting a much-needed remodel and this sign tickled me.



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