sunday part 2

29 May

i’m not wordpress savvy enough to figure out how to add two galleries to one post so here goes our second run-down on today.


i want to make sure we capture every day because i know i’ll forget about all the details if i wait to post until i get back.


and before we knew it, we were ready to go out skiing. i haven’t ski in near 20 years at summer camp and even though i told our guide this he proceeded to call me professional all day and did not give me any instruction. i was very, very nervous. alex was a good sport and was on the fence but decided he did want to go out. we want with a nice french couple that knew as much english as we knew spanish — nill.

alex tried so hard and got so close. i really thought he was going to get up. that’s ok, we’ll try again later in the week.

i got up the first time and i forgot about much it hurts my legs. i’m weak sauce!

but this is my favorite picture all week, thanks to alex being a fantastic photographer:




One Response to “sunday part 2”

  1. Rosemary May 30, 2011 at 7:43 am #

    You go, girl!

    Great try, Alex!

    I love that last picture, too!

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