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father’s day fun

27 Jun

every few years I like to get dad to atlanta and have him comes to a braves game.


this year we spiced things up, we decided to go on a beer tasting and tour of sweetwater brewery.

it’s a hot mess but a great deal. for $8 you get a pint glass and have two hours to taste 6 full glasses of beer. I had 2 1/2 glasses and took the tour. the catch is that you have from 2:00 – 4:30.

so after we braved the crowds at sweetwater we drove over to the braves game.


we had great seats and sunny skies. for about 30 minutes.


then we had a rain delay for about 3 hours. but it wasn’t near as bad as it sounded. we got to watch them clear the field and then the rains came and then they cleared the field again.

Mauritius 334

and we did what everyone should do during a rain delay: ate heavily.


Mauritius 335Mauritius 336Mauritius 337Mauritius 338Mauritius 339


and then watched the braves lost. sad panda.


but on a happy note, did you know that the chic fil a cow does the tomahawk chop?

Mauritius 341


is business class really better?

27 Jun

normally this would get a big fat “NO!”


often enough, my status gets me bumped up to domestic first/business class. it gets me free booze (but I think I might have taken them up on that 3 times in my 5 years of travel) and better snacks. if you’re really lucky, you get upgraded on a flight to LA where you get a hot meal. very exciting.


I could care less about drinks or meals. I really like the free movies on long haul flights.


but as a surprise (that really wasn’t a surprise because it involved changing our flight times) for our trip to mauritius, I cut our travel segments from 6 to 4 and upgraded a leg.


I was giddy with excitement. seriously. it was our last leg from paris to atlanta and 11 hours. and we had spent a significant amount of time in the air france lounge eating croissants. which really are better in france.


and it. was. awesome.


two quick fun facts:

1) there is a difference between business and first class internationally.

2) the people on this flight probably thought I was a freak taking a million photos but I was darn excited.

Mauritius 324

first you get a menu. a for reals menu. not tofu or mystery fish option.

and just as a reference, here’s a coach meal on air france.

Mauritius 323

not bad, I like that they assumed we needed merlot.


but here’s round 1 and 2 (of 5) with air france business class

Mauritius 325Mauritius 326

next up, we chose our main course and then our cheese course. that’s right, a cheese course. the french don’t play. they know all about my love for brie.


alex had the risotto while I opted for the venison.

Mauritius 327Mauritius 328

and then I couldn’t decide what I wanted for dessert. so I asked the flight attendant to surprise me, he gave me one of everything. I might have chosen Courvoisier as an aperitif.

Mauritius 329

we got a few pretty serious snacks and then were served a “light meal”


Mauritius 330

I was borderline uncomfortably full the entire trip. and I loved every second.


so will we ever fly international business class again? not likely that I would every pay for this (it’s at least 3x the coach price) but I might splurge on another point redemption.

The last day

8 Jun

We went out to our stand by favorite for the last night, Ay Youn, for the lightly breaded and fried prawns doused in garlic butter. we ate them too fast for pictures but this is what we looked like while we devoured it.

Mauritius 002

After that we took our nightly stroll around the resort and saw the sights – the hotel entry, the pools, and the dock.

Mauritius 004Mauritius 005Mauritius 006Mauritius 007

Question: What makes kate unhappy really fast?

Answer: Alex not running to catch a bus and making us wait for another one!

Mauritius 008

We got on the next bus and I behaved like a perfect school boy to make up for it.

Mauritius 009

When kate get sad she says she is a “ sad panda” so the Indian restaurant we went to was perfect since they had her milk!Smile

Mauritius 010

I have never had Indian food but after some nan (which is Indian for really good bread) and butter chicken (which is Indian for chicken bathed in a butter based red sauce) I am now a fan!

Mauritius 011

we thought it was weird but all Indian restaurants in Mauritius are locate within spitting distance of giant pumpkins!!! just kidding, but this one was.

Mauritius 012

We took some pictures of the sugarcane which is EVERYWHERE, and the mountains on the way back.

Mauritius 014Mauritius 015

And after the cab ride to the airport we had a 10 hour flight to Paris and then the highlight of the trip for Kate ……. the 10 hour trip back to Atlanta in first class!

Laid Back sans gin and juice

5 Jun

we had big plans for yesterday: nothing

no skiing. no paddle boating. no walks. no rides to town. and it was awesome.

also captured a few pictures of the resort so we’ll remember just how spoiled we were when we look back at photos.

Mauritius 002Mauritius 005Mauritius 006Mauritius 007Mauritius 008Mauritius 009Mauritius 010Mauritius 011

there was a lot of beach laying and reading and it was our most relaxing day yet.

each night at 7:00 PM (it gets dark early here) the hilton has a torch ceremony lighting all the torches on property.

Mauritius 012Mauritius 013Mauritius 016Mauritius 017

we tried to take a few photos but they don’t really do it justice. check out this video another tourist made to see the whole thing in action

Hilton Mauritius Award Ceremony

for dinner we made reservations at an indian restaurant but when we arrived we discovered they actually had a private party. boo.

so we walked about half a mile to another place we heard about called sunset garden. they had a live band, outside seating, and generous portions. it was a good night. also we again looked amazing!

Mauritius 019Mauritius 020

Mauritius night

5 Jun

After the long beach walk we wanted to have a low key evening with some different food than We have had thus far.  We requested a French restaurant and went to a suggested spot in town called I don’t remember what…Le something.  Before we went we cemented our crown as best looking couple in Mauritius.

Mauritius 016

Obviously we were immediately drawn to the crab soup.  Crab soup here is the real deal – it is a fish/crab flavored broth with an bunch of boiled crab pieces in it.  PERFECT!!!  This place even gave us the proper crab picking utensils.

Mauritius 014Mauritius 015

For the main course we went off the beaten path and were not blown away but it was worth the trip for the crab soup.

In town Journey

4 Jun

Today we decided to do as the locals do and bus it to the nearest village, Flic en Flac.  It wasn’t too far away but it was nice to spend about $1.40 for the bus instead of $8 for taxi fare.  There are public beaches almost the entire way that make for a good view. 

Mauritius 004

We went back to a restaurant we liked called Ah Youn for some delicious beef and egg noodles and absurdly good prawns fried smothered in garlic butter.  after that we walked to some shops and the grocery to look at the foreign products – very interesting.  Along the way we satisfied our ice cream cravings with some almond ice cream cones. Here is Kate with her Vanilla/Almond swirl.

Mauritius 005

Instead of catching the bus back we decided to save that huge $1.40 and take the scenic walk back on the beach past several public beaches and resorts.  the beaches were more littered with coral and shells than ours were so we sifted through to find some gems.  It was over a mile back but well worth it.

Mauritius 001Mauritius 002Mauritius 003Mauritius 008Mauritius 009

Domaine Anna

4 Jun

Dinner tonight was a little farther off the resort at Domaine Anna.  Every taxi driver and hotel employee has told us that it was the place to go.

To get there you drive a mile or so through the sugar can fields to an old sugar factory entrance. The restaurant is huge, there were a ton of tables and it sits on with lots of small ponds and even a waterfall. This little duck kept swimming by with hopes of getting some of our bread.

Mauritius 042Mauritius 046

Mauritius 048

When the waiter suggested a full boiled crab as an appetizer I have never made a decision more quickly to get it– Kate was in shock. We’ve asked about fresh crabs a few time but fishermen hadn’t been lucky with their catch – until tonight. It turned out to be a very very good decision. We ate the legs before we could  could take a picture .

Mauritius 043Mauritius 044

After the (totally worth it) 30 minutes spent carefully extracting every bit of meat from our crab the main courses came.  Kate got Camarons (between prawns and lobsters) which were equally insane and I had King Prawns. Garlic butter can never go wrong.

Mauritius 045

Desert was also very good. 

Mauritius 047

all in all probably the best meal we have had thus far.