Sight Seeing

1 Jun

Today (Tuesday) was an adventure day. We were the only people signed up for a tour of the South part of the island so we had a private guide.  He was FULL of facts and information….it felt like I was in school again but it was nice to know all of the stories about Mauritius; for instance the French named the village where our hotel is Flic en Flac because that is the sound there shoes made when it was wet on this part of the island…..silly French.  I just re-named Sandy Springs “Oh wow, so beautiful” because that is the sound the townspeople make  when Kate and I walk by.  Onto the sights.

The first stop was the glass gallery.  It was neat but it seemed to operate like road work in the USA….one guy doing something, 3 people supervising, then another person supervising that person.

glass blowing         glass 2

Next stop was at the Volcanic Crater.  There were no indigenous animals for food on Mauritius so the French introduced deer so they could eat them.  Deer like water so they went down the very steep crater to the lake in the bottom and once they got there they could not get back up the hill….silly French deer.  The view in the crater and the view form the top to the villages were amazing.

Mauritius 004Mauritius 005Mauritius 007Mauritius 009

Also for the record they have ice cream trucks in Mauritius.

                              Mauritius 010

After we toured the crater we drove to The Grand Bassin. The majority of Mauritius’ population is Hindu (we learned very few people on the island have African origin, most are from India) and each year for five days they walk to the holy site where the give worship in front of the largest statue in Mauritius, the goddess Shiva. Unfortunately, it was raining so we just took a look inside the car but we could see she was beautiful.

Mauritius 012Mauritius 011

Here’s what she looks like on a sunny day:


The rain kept up as did our tour and on to a lookout spot

Mauritius 013Mauritius 014Mauritius 015

on then for one of our experiences of the day: La Chamarel Rummery and Restaurant. The rummery is very small so the tour took just a few minutes and we went directly onto the tasting room. They had us sample all 9 rums (I , Kate) only made it through 7. We loved the Vanilla and someone might be getting that as a special gift! Smile

Mauritius 016Mauritius 017Mauritius 018Mauritius 019Mauritius 020Mauritius 021Mauritius 023

it’s Thursday morning for us and we’re off to snorkel so we’ll leave you with a to be continued . . . .


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