sightseeing part deux

2 Jun

disclaimer: prepare for picture overload.

after we finished our lunch at the rummery we headed back down the mountain to Chamarel Waterfalls and the Seven Colored Earth. First stop: waterfalls. The waterfall is about 272 feet high (it looked pretty big to me) where the River St. Dennis falls into the River Du Cap.

Mauritius 024

Mauritius 025Mauritius 026

then we drove a few more kilometers (the metric system is killing me) to the Seven Colored Earth. So, they’re not entirely sure what causes all of this to happen but something with the lava ash and weight of the iron soil caused this. Yes, there are really seven layers and it was pretty cool to see the random tortoises along the way, too.

Mauritius 027Mauritius 028Mauritius 029Mauritius 030Mauritius 031Mauritius 033Mauritius 034Mauritius 035

our drive continued on to what they kept referring to as a pretty viewing spot.

they didn’t lie.

Mauritius 036Mauritius 037

Mauritius 038

our last stop of the day was to Casela Bird Park. There were a lot of birds but also randomly a petting zoo and tiger. he was sleeping. boring. One interesting tidbit we learned on this tour – there are very few plants/animals indigenous to Mauritus. Lots of birds but bats are the only mammals and the ebony tree, which is now grossly over-forested, is the only tree. When the Europeans settled Mauritius, they basically hand picked the plants and animals they wanted to bring to Mauritius.



Mauritius 041Mauritius 042Mauritius 043Mauritius 045Mauritius 046Mauritius 047Mauritius 048Mauritius 049

We hiked up a ways to get some great landscape photos. The scenery here reminds me so much of Hong Kong, not necessarily the specific plants or city, but the mountains proximity to water.

Mauritius 050Mauritius 051Mauritius 052Mauritius 053Mauritius 054

and then we stumbled upon the monkeys. the were totally being hams.

Mauritius 055Mauritius 056Mauritius 058

and the sleeping tiger. yawn.

Mauritius 061

and we made it back in time to capture sunset at the hotel.

Mauritius 062Mauritius 064


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