3 Jun

Today we set to the sea for a day of sailing and snorkeling on the East Side of the island.  The ocean is a little bit choppier but still not as much as the atlantic since we were always within the coral reefs that dampen any waves.  The ride over was long, about an hour and a half but not as bad at the 7:20 AM start was.  Our boat was the Vitamin Sea (hilarious).  Fortunately for us we only had 10 people on board (Romanian, Italian, British, and South African – a good melting pot) while the other boats has easily double that.

Mauritius 018Mauritius 003

There were a lot of good views along the way which has been typical of everywhere…you cant really mess up beautiful beaches with sharp mountains immediately behind them.

Mauritius 004Mauritius 022

We were fairly sure that Mordor was just inland because of the dark clouds over it the entire time. Hopefully the Ring will get there soon.

                                       Mauritius 008

First we sailed to a Waterfall in the Grande Riviere Sud Est.  It wasn’t the largest thing ever but it was very nice, and honestly sailing anywhere is pretty fun especially with FREE DRINKS.

Mauritius 013Mauritius 014Mauritius 015Mauritius 016

The best part about it was we got to see a dude with a big chest tattoo with a weenie bikini.  Choose what look you are going for dude.  After the waterfall we went snorkeling for an hour or so.  It was really neat – the water was 3-6 feet deep with a lot of coral and a crazy amount of really brightly colored fish.

A highlight of the cruise was the lunch.  grilled chicken and fish with rice, potato casserole thingy, a salad, and some huge garlic bread.  maybe the sun and snorkeling made it taste better but either way it was delicious.  they also had fresh pineapple for dessert.  I also found out something new about my wife – she is a very aggressive pineapple eater!

Mauritius 019Mauritius 025Mauritius 026

After lunch and more free drinks we reached our final stop at lle aux Cerfs which is a large island resort but without any rooms as far as we could tell. We walked around a while and then sunned on the beach.  very relaxing.

Mauritius 028Mauritius 031Mauritius 033Mauritius 037

Pretty good day in paradise. I almost fell asleep on the way back in.

Mauritius 005Mauritius 007Mauritius 020


One Response to “Sailing”

  1. Ashlee June 3, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    WOW! Y’all go the most amazing places! So Jealous..looks like you are having a wonderful time! Miss you guys!

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