to town we go . . .

3 Jun

on tuesday we had our South tour that I chronicled the past few posts. wednesday, we wanted to see the North part of the island.

a little more island information: even though it’s a very small island, it takes about an hour to get anywhere. the airport: one hour. southern mauritius: one hour. port louis: one hour.

so we made the one hour trip and started with the botanical gardens. sir seewoosagur botanic garden. say that five times fast. the airport is also named after this guy. he was the first president after mauritius gained their independence from the british in the 1960’s.

the garden was founded in the 18th century by the french. we opted out of the official “tour” of the gardens and moseyed around by ourselves for a few hours.

they’re known for their beautiful lilies and that’s what we found first.

Mauritius 002Mauritius 003Mauritius 004Mauritius 005Mauritius 006Mauritius 007


we also saw tortoises (mauritians love tortoises), goats, and lots of other trees and flowers.

Mauritius 008Mauritius 009Mauritius 010Mauritius 011Mauritius 012Mauritius 013Mauritius 014Mauritius 015

these trees are all over the place and our driver told us they are considered sacred trees by the Hindus.

Mauritius 016

where’s waldo?

Mauritius 020

we found another lily pond and with ginormous leaves. like huge.

Mauritius 021Mauritius 022Mauritius 023Mauritius 025Mauritius 024Mauritius 017

this tree was planted by nelson mandela.

Mauritius 018Mauritius 019

we also passed by the oldest catholic church in mauritius.

Mauritius 027Mauritius 028

our driver took us to a hindu temple. the french and british brought in a large population of indian people because at the time they were inexpensive labor. they built the most gorgeous hindu temples. we could not go inside because we did not fast (and I’m pretty sure I was dressed inappropriately).

Mauritius 029Mauritius 030Mauritius 031

the mauritian bananas are smaller than what we are used to seeing in the US and they have a “heart” that if removed, would kill the bananas.

Mauritius 033

we also saw an avocado tree, they look like the florida variety.

Mauritius 034

then we went to port louis, the capital city. about half of the population of mauritius lives in the city. we were in the waterfront area and did a little shopping and grabbed some lunch. lots of indian food here. yum.

Mauritius 035Mauritius 036Mauritius 037Mauritius 038

the city of covered with bougainvillea, these are my favorite colored:

Mauritius 039

we finished our night with a reception with yummy rum cocktails (coke and rum for alex) and then had dinner at sea breeze restaurant.

another fantastic day.

Mauritius 042


2 Responses to “to town we go . . .”

  1. Stephen June 3, 2011 at 5:41 am #

    You guys are some good looking people. I wish Charity and I were with you guys. We should totally plan an amazing vacation like this in 3 years.

  2. Rach June 6, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    The trip looks amazing!! What are the chances that you brought me back a tortoise?

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