Domaine Anna

4 Jun

Dinner tonight was a little farther off the resort at Domaine Anna.  Every taxi driver and hotel employee has told us that it was the place to go.

To get there you drive a mile or so through the sugar can fields to an old sugar factory entrance. The restaurant is huge, there were a ton of tables and it sits on with lots of small ponds and even a waterfall. This little duck kept swimming by with hopes of getting some of our bread.

Mauritius 042Mauritius 046

Mauritius 048

When the waiter suggested a full boiled crab as an appetizer I have never made a decision more quickly to get it– Kate was in shock. We’ve asked about fresh crabs a few time but fishermen hadn’t been lucky with their catch – until tonight. It turned out to be a very very good decision. We ate the legs before we could  could take a picture .

Mauritius 043Mauritius 044

After the (totally worth it) 30 minutes spent carefully extracting every bit of meat from our crab the main courses came.  Kate got Camarons (between prawns and lobsters) which were equally insane and I had King Prawns. Garlic butter can never go wrong.

Mauritius 045

Desert was also very good. 

Mauritius 047

all in all probably the best meal we have had thus far.


One Response to “Domaine Anna”

  1. mom hunter June 6, 2011 at 9:46 pm #

    What a unique place..and it apparently lived up to its reputation! Hey, there’s that fabulous looking couple again!

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