Laid Back sans gin and juice

5 Jun

we had big plans for yesterday: nothing

no skiing. no paddle boating. no walks. no rides to town. and it was awesome.

also captured a few pictures of the resort so we’ll remember just how spoiled we were when we look back at photos.

Mauritius 002Mauritius 005Mauritius 006Mauritius 007Mauritius 008Mauritius 009Mauritius 010Mauritius 011

there was a lot of beach laying and reading and it was our most relaxing day yet.

each night at 7:00 PM (it gets dark early here) the hilton has a torch ceremony lighting all the torches on property.

Mauritius 012Mauritius 013Mauritius 016Mauritius 017

we tried to take a few photos but they don’t really do it justice. check out this video another tourist made to see the whole thing in action

Hilton Mauritius Award Ceremony

for dinner we made reservations at an indian restaurant but when we arrived we discovered they actually had a private party. boo.

so we walked about half a mile to another place we heard about called sunset garden. they had a live band, outside seating, and generous portions. it was a good night. also we again looked amazing!

Mauritius 019Mauritius 020


One Response to “Laid Back sans gin and juice”

  1. mom hunter June 6, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

    Hey, has anyone told ypu how amazing you guys look? I’m in love with Mauritius. Love these posts…feel ike we are enjpying it with you!

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