Mauritius night

5 Jun

After the long beach walk we wanted to have a low key evening with some different food than We have had thus far.  We requested a French restaurant and went to a suggested spot in town called I don’t remember what…Le something.  Before we went we cemented our crown as best looking couple in Mauritius.

Mauritius 016

Obviously we were immediately drawn to the crab soup.  Crab soup here is the real deal – it is a fish/crab flavored broth with an bunch of boiled crab pieces in it.  PERFECT!!!  This place even gave us the proper crab picking utensils.

Mauritius 014Mauritius 015

For the main course we went off the beaten path and were not blown away but it was worth the trip for the crab soup.


One Response to “Mauritius night”

  1. mom hunter June 6, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    Who are these amazing looking people?? Don’t think this will will replace She Crab soup! You guys have certainly planned a great daily itinary!

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