The last day

8 Jun

We went out to our stand by favorite for the last night, Ay Youn, for the lightly breaded and fried prawns doused in garlic butter. we ate them too fast for pictures but this is what we looked like while we devoured it.

Mauritius 002

After that we took our nightly stroll around the resort and saw the sights – the hotel entry, the pools, and the dock.

Mauritius 004Mauritius 005Mauritius 006Mauritius 007

Question: What makes kate unhappy really fast?

Answer: Alex not running to catch a bus and making us wait for another one!

Mauritius 008

We got on the next bus and I behaved like a perfect school boy to make up for it.

Mauritius 009

When kate get sad she says she is a “ sad panda” so the Indian restaurant we went to was perfect since they had her milk!Smile

Mauritius 010

I have never had Indian food but after some nan (which is Indian for really good bread) and butter chicken (which is Indian for chicken bathed in a butter based red sauce) I am now a fan!

Mauritius 011

we thought it was weird but all Indian restaurants in Mauritius are locate within spitting distance of giant pumpkins!!! just kidding, but this one was.

Mauritius 012

We took some pictures of the sugarcane which is EVERYWHERE, and the mountains on the way back.

Mauritius 014Mauritius 015

And after the cab ride to the airport we had a 10 hour flight to Paris and then the highlight of the trip for Kate ……. the 10 hour trip back to Atlanta in first class!


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