the dc trip that almost wasn’t

28 Jul

my job has a sense of humor, I’ll go for months (or sometimes years) without visiting a city and then  I’ll have four trips on my plate. in less than two month. this go-round it’s DC and I’ve just completed week 3 of 4.


flying on the east coast in the summer is especially difficult with thunder storms but I’ve always been relatively lucky and managed to get to my final destination at a reasonable hour. my luck ran out this week and for the first time I was stuck in atlanta, I had to go home and try again the next day.


so I’ve been a little sleepy all week trying to catch up for a few late nights.


so here’s my week in pictures:




so by my count, I had a 50% success rate. but I woke up yesterday with my annual summer cold so maybe I’m below for the week?


and for a little extra fun . . .

my work really encourages volunteering and giving back to organizations in your community. there are all sorts of fundraisers throughout the year that are hosted by different departments. recently, we received a few emails about a pie in the face competition. I thought they were funny but as a remote employee it’s tough to actually make the event. there was a LOT of smack talk surrounding this event. this afternoon is got this gem in my inbox; it’s my boss getting pied by his boss!


and I love that my boss gets crazy into it! Smile


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