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just in time

26 Aug

I leave NY tonight just hours before this guy hits the city


ny is really shutting down. the subway, broadway, pro sports. not happening. they’re really baring down for a big storm. scary, huh? I’m just thrilled to make it out in time. although I’m writing this from 10,000 feet in some pretty nasty turbulence.

I’m just thankful it missed all my loved ones in charleston and hopefully friends in north carolina and the coast will have no damage.

in other biscoff/delta news, look what kind of cupcakes my grocery store carries:


kroger is the best. grocery. store. ever. ever.


guess where I am . ..

25 Aug

if yesterday’s crumbs photo didn’t tip you then maybe this one will give you a bigger hint:


no help? maybe my run map will give you a better idea:

Central Park Run

I ran by all the big central park attractions: the boathouse, tavern on the green, the resivoir. did y’all know there is a mini carnival in the middle of central park? maybe you did, but I didn’t.


there has just a quick trip for new york where I’m staying in the upper east side. every other time I’ve come to new york I’ve been stick in tourist central (aka times square and the theater district) and while I love the convenience, it’s just not pretty. but this neighborhood? I could get used to living here. if it was good enough for jackie o . . .

wordless wednesday

24 Aug


dearest delta

1 Aug

august 1st edition.


I hate when you are out of biscoff cookies. it makes me sad. and angry. unnecessarily so. I caught myself giving the flight attendant “the look” for the remainder of the flight after he tried to nullify me with peanuts. sorry about that flight attendant.


I’m also still slightly miffed about last weeks non-flight flight. you would be completely forgiven for biscoff cookies with a squeeze of lime.

sad panda.


in other biscoff news: have y’all tried this guy?


if you haven’t I strongly advise against it. it’s addicting. like worse than, dare I say, nutella.


I first discovered this gem in ohio and then found it in my kroger for about half the price of the online version.