getting there is half the fun

9 Sep

not really. I lied. 14 hour flights are about as fun as a root canal.


I’ve become such a cranky flier. the couple sitting next to me kept their light on and voices raiser the ENTIRE flight. I now hate ipads and every person that uses them. all of them.


hence my crankiness.


when I boarded I was welcomed by this guy:



who doesn’t love a good menu?


I watched bridesmaids. funny. but not as funny as I thought. love story mixed in. lame. then I watch country strong. that’s a very, very sad movie with a very, very sad ending. beware. somewhere in the middle I grabbed about 3 1/2 hours of sleep and ate all three meals. and I finished up the latest edition of pirates of the carribean as we landed. I actually liked that one.


so I sleep walk to the bathroom in tokyo and find this in the stall.



yes that is a toilet with its very own remote control. I was confused and tired and couldn’t figure out how to actually flush the toilet instead of playing the “flushing sound” on the remote. good times.


I’ve got another 6 hour leg ahead before I touch down in bangkok. fingers crossed I double my sleep.


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