one night in bangkok

10 Sep

I made it to my hotel safe and sound late friday night/early saturday morning. I managed to sleep a few more hours on my tokkyo to bangkok leg but I still felt like a walking zombie and crashed pretty quickly.

I did manage to laugh as I passed my hotels display of moon cakes. I had enough of those last year in Hong Kong but couldn’t resist the photo op. they even had free samples. no thanks.


my internal alarm clock woke me up at 7:45 even though I had no call time. I had to sit in on a session in the afternoon so I planned on taking a few hours to walk around the hotel and check out my surroundings. but when I woke up I was starving which = overeating on the mondo huge breakfast buffett and I didn’t feel up to walking around. so I took a quick mid morning nap and met up with my team for lunch and work.


after we finished up we were all ready to play tourist so we took a tuk tuk-like contraption to a little part of the city with lots of restaurants.


that ride was . . . . interesting. that’s erica on my left and tara on my right.


we went decided on a little bar with an outside patio for people watching. have I ever mentioned how much I love foreign diet coke? yum!


and then we wandered to a restaurant with a huge patio called Zanzibar for dinner. I wanted to try something I always get at home so I had their Pad See Ew.  it was good, more vegatbley and less soy.



I don’t know if it’s all of bangkok or just or part of town, but it’s teaming with cats. they’re everywhere and no one seems to mind. this little guy found a good resting point below the chair at the table next to us.


feeling adventurous we decided to walk back to our hotel. if I had to choose one word to describe hangkok it would be overload. overload of the senses. sight, smell, sounds. it’s intense.


a lot of the sidewalks are also bike paths. I thought was kinda funny/scary so this one is for you alex:




everyone has told me to get a massage here. that’s always on everyone’s list of suggestions. everyone told me how inexpensive and awesome they were so to cure a little jet leg I deicded to take their advice.


it was AMAZING! I had an hour long foot/neck/back massage for 250 baht = less than $10. Shut up, right?!



I may have nodded of twice. and we decided that it would be our nightly ritual. heck, an hour massage each night is less expensive than one, one hour massage in the states. love!


so this morning (I’m 11 hours ahead) we have plans to play tourist. we want to visit a few temples and check out one of the markets. oh, and get a massage.


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