the world’s BIGGEST market

12 Sep



I actually buy into that.


I met up with a co-worker on Sunday morning for a run around Benjasiri Park next to our hotel. it was muggy. it was painful. but it happened.


we decided to visit the Grand Palace and then on to the Chatuchak Market. it’s 35 acres filled with everything you could imagine. you name it, they sold it. and then some.

Bangkok_2 001

Bangkok_2 002

Bangkok_2 003

Bangkok_2 004

we had a very tough time negotiating with cab drivers getting one to take us there. we were told the grand palace was closed for lunch and that we should go directly to the market. and by directly he meant that we had to stop at some jewelry expo so that he could get a kick-back. awesome.


we finally made it to the market and we were just overwhelmed. when we started walking around we realized how massively huge this market can be.

Bangkok_2 005

Bangkok_2 006Bangkok_2 007Bangkok_2 008

there was food, high end clothing, low end clothing, fabric, metal goods, shoes, purses, junk, jewelry, beads, and then some. just wow.


this little guy was jamming and I used our newest toy, a little video camera, to capture a little bit of the sounds and sights:

Tara and I at the market


after some delicious coconut ice cream and a foot massage we bargained our way into going to the Grand Palace. Or so we thought.

Bangkok_2 010Bangkok_2 011

Our cab driver dropped us off and we soon realized that he must have just been tired of the traffic because it was not the grand palace. it was a nice giant buddha, but no palace.

Bangkok_2 012Bangkok_2 013Bangkok_2 014Bangkok_2 015Bangkok_2 016

so we got conned into going to two more kick-back locations and THEN to the Grand Palace. But by the time we did all of this, the Grand Palace was closed. we were sad pandas.


I took some photos of the outside but we were not allowed inside.

Bangkok_2 017Bangkok_2 018Bangkok_2 019

we negotiated another cab driver to take us back to our hotel and we planned on meeting up again for dinner. when we met up we realized how bad jet leg was hitting us and we went back to bed!


today (monday) was an extremely long, tough day so I’m thinking a massage is in order. yes, for those of you counting that is number three. for a total of $20. Smile


2 Responses to “the world’s BIGGEST market”

  1. alex September 12, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

    we definitely need that dancing kid!

    • mom September 15, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

      Definitely sounds overwhelming! What a trip! mom

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