our hotel in seychelles

2 Jun

that rhymes btw.


after our 2 1/2 hour flight north to the seychelles (where we were served dinner, really. and in-flight entertainment. a 2 1/2 hour flight. take that delta) we landed about 7:45 and were at our hotel within an hour.


it was very dark when we got in so we couldn’t see a lot of the landscape but instantly knew we would love our room.

Travel 217Travel 218Travel 219Travel 222


floor to ceiling wood. and can we talk about this bathroom? I die. I took the best bubble bath of my life last night.

Seychelles 003

Travel 221Travel 220

yesterday (Saturday) was extremely lazy. I took two naps and we walked around the resort a few times. we’re still fighting off the jet lag and finally feel ok this morning. as we were eating lunch we caught a rainbow over the bay. we’d never seen a rainbow in the ocean so that was a pretty sweet sight to catch.

Travel 223Travel 224

there were a good many people laying on the shaded beach and snorkeling so we walked down and decided to feel the water temp. alex immediately pointed out a small (3 feet) shark. I told alex I didn’t like clear water anymore and I probably was not going to go snorkeling. a barracuda AND a shark? what’s next? jellyfish?

when we woke up from a second nap we found a note under our door offering us the opportunity to stay at the hotel’s sister resort on Silhouette Island. Originally, we wanted to stay 4 nights at Northolme and 3 at the Labriz on Silhouette but the awards option was not available. We hopped on the opportunity (not to mention they waved the $200 euro boat transfer fee) and we will catch the ferry in a few hours.  The Labriz is a lot larger (over 100 rooms vs.  our 40) but it’s a completely private island with giant tortoises and a huge beach.

we woke up super early this morning and enjoyed coffee on our deck and watched the tide slowly come in.


Seychelles 004


we’re headed off now for a yummy buffet breakfast (best pastries ever, I love that about the French) and on to Silhouette for the day/night.


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