The Layover: Mauritius

2 Jun

Take that Anthony Bourdain.


Our trans-Atlantic flights went as expected: long and exhausting but not completely painful.

Travel 188

We arrived for our 10 hour layover in at 6 am and had to hang out at the airport for a few hours before our excursion. When we booked our trip we debated booking a hotel room for a night or finding a trip somewhere and found an all-inclusive day trip to Isle de deux cocos. It was a quick drive and ferry from the airport and we had the entire island to ourselves for most of the day.

Travel 189Travel 190Travel 191Travel 192Travel 193


We were welcomed on the island by our person concierge, Ravi and a cold glass of champagne. We had all of our luggage in tow for our flight to Seychelles and the Lux was kind enough to give us access to a “villa” and let us change and store our luggage. One of the first governors of Mauritius built the villa on the island and the Lux resorts took over the property a few years ago and turned it into a event location.

We started our day with a walk around the island and then we relaxed on the hammocks. When Ravi told us about the option to either snorkel or go on a glass bottom boat tour. We decided we wanted to go on the tour but Ravi told us that because we were the only ones on the island for a while we could go on both with a private tour. Sweet! Snorkeling was great – lots of coral and many different kinds of fish including the largest needle nosed fish – they were 3 feet long! I’m (kate) 95% sure I saw a barracuda and promptly took off my snorkeling gear. I know there are scary things in the ocean and I prefer to go into them blindly.

Travel 201Travel 202Travel 206Travel 207Travel 210Travel 211

The villa was gorgeous.  it was decorated in a Moroccan style and would be great if you were staying the night.  Lucky for us no one was so we got a room for the day just to change and shower.

Travel 194Travel 197

Travel 198Travel 196

After the glass bottom boat tour and more laying on the beach we got to the good part – the food!  We had grilled shrimp skewers, grilled fish, salads, grilled beef and chicken, several different pastas, and of course a free bottle of wine.  We also sampled  some of their on-island infused rums.

Travel 213Travel 214

Travel 215Travel 216

All in all it was a perfect day trip to pass the time between flights. We couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing several hours. 

Travel 200             Travel 203Travel 208


We got to the airport about an hour and half before our flight – a scary proposition for Alex but since it was Mauritius we made it to our gate with an hour to spare – hooray for small airports! A short flight later we made it to The Seychelles.


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