hilton labriz

3 Jun

after breakfast and mini-grounds tour yesterday we took a ferry over to silhouette island. while it’s the third largest (something about 6 kilometers) there are only 100 inhabitants.

Seychelles 2 021

I need a bumper-sticker  that says “I break for crabs” there is a crab and a sea cucumber in this picture. where’s waldo?

Seychelles 2 023Seychelles 2 024Seychelles 2 025Seychelles 2 029

goodbye mahe!

Seychelles 2 030Seychelles 2 031Seychelles 2 032

hello silhouette!

we got a mini tour of the village on our way to our hotel where they had a school, restored plantation house, and community center. the labriz is a true resort with a lot of amenities and restaurants but not fully occupied.

Seychelles 2 033Seychelles 2 034Seychelles 2 035Seychelles 2 036Seychelles 2 037Seychelles 2 038

as soon as we got in we threw on our suits and headed to the beach. we walked all 10 ft from our villa to the ocean and spent the morning laying out and wading in the water. the ocean was a bit rough yesterday and the tide rose pretty quickly so we grabbed a bite to eat by the pool then tried the beach again.

Labriz Room/Beach Tour


Seychelles 2 039Seychelles 2 040Seychelles 2 041

the coke light’s are imported for UAE. I think I am going to start a collection of international diet coke photo’s. I feel like that’s acceptable art.

then we got restless and hopped on bikes to explore a bit of the island. we found the giant tortoises (this is only one of two places in the world that they live in the wild. the galapagos is on my other 1000 places to travel list).

Seychelles 2 042Seychelles 2 043Seychelles 2 044Seychelles 2 046

alex asked me about 50 times if I like bike riding (he’s trying to get me to buy a bike) and assured him I did – because there are no cars here. you don’t hear a lot about bike/golf cart accidents. Smile


Seychelles 2 047Seychelles 2 048Seychelles 2 049Seychelles 2 050Seychelles 2 051Seychelles 2 053Seychelles 2 054

it was a pretty tough trail when we ventured off the resort but there were some great views. we made dinner reservations at the tepanyaki restaurants (aka hibachi) and had a lovely, albeit overpriced, dinner.

seychelles 001seychelles 002seychelles 003seychelles 004

we’re off this morning (monday) to the breakfast buffet and then on a two hour hike.


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