choppy and cheap (not alex)

5 Jun

ha. alex came up with that one. and that’s why I married him.

the sun sets each night around 6 and when the sun hits the sea everything is dark immediately. it’s pretty amazing. we thought a sunset cruise would be the perfect way to get to the west side of the island (the resort was on the east) and there was talk of sparkling wine. they call everything but actual champagne sparking wine. crazy kids.

while we were waiting for our “buggy” aka golf cart, we saw a couple heading out for their wedding in this lovely vehicle.

Seychelles 037

I told alex I was mad that our wedding golf cart did not have hundreds of hand strewn flowers all over it. gah.

after a short delay we took off. the island looks very much the same from both sides.

Seychelles 040Seychelles 041Seychelles 042Seychelles 045Seychelles 047Seychelles 048

it was a pretty rough day at sea and since almost everyone else was seasick we got all the sparkling wine to ourselves. score team butler! this is also the first trip where I decided that I only like sailing on catamarans. big ones. and cruise ships.

Seychelles 050Seychelles 052

after the cruise we found this little guy welcoming us to our room. that’s crab picture two for those of you keeping count.

Seychelles 053Seychelles 054

for dinner we ate at Gran Kaz which is a Creole restaurant housed in the plantation house of the original owners of the island, the Danube family. Like Mauritius, they call use the word Creole to signify the mix of cultures and curry dishes are very common.

Seychelles 038Seychelles 055Seychelles 056Seychelles 058Seychelles 059

this is also the point where we realized they booked us on half board. this basically means that your dinner is included in your room fare. so we paid way too much for our hibachi and only about $35 for a drinks, water, and upcharges at Gran Kaz. Dang, right?

we’re also getting practice with our patience. they are most certainly on their time at every restaurant. then our golf cart died and we enjoyed a leisurely stroll back to our room and crashed.


One Response to “choppy and cheap (not alex)”

  1. Alex June 5, 2012 at 2:01 pm #

    So jealous!!! Everything sounds amazing!! Your dogs are doing well by the way. Chole is snoring and Connor has decided he is the guard dog of the house sitting by the front window barking and growling at the golfers. Hope ya’ll are having a blast!!! I want to see more Turtle pictures!

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