liberation day

5 Jun

also known as the day my flip flop died. stupid havianas. and even stupider that I have to buy another pair at the gift shop for double because I don’t have another pair I can wear on the beach.

Seychelles 001Seychelles 002

yesterday morning we took the ferry back to our hotel on mahe. ANOTHER rough set of seas (although MUCH better than the silhouette cruise). see a repeating theme here? the hilton had our room ready early and joked with us about extending our stay at labriz. nice folks here.

Seychelles 003

in the morning we hung out by the pool and then took a ferry into beau vallon for lunch. we ate at a pizza place called baobab pizzeria that had sandy beach floors and was just off the water.

Seychelles 004Seychelles 006

I tried their house special, shrimp pizza. one of the best pizzas of my life. they literally poured butter on top. even paula deen would approve.

Seychelles 009Seychelles 011

we had a few hours to walk around the beach at beau vallon so we walked in a few stores (stocked up on mixers and sparkling wine) and watched the locals enjoy their liberation day. it’s equivalent to our fourth of july.

Seychelles 007Seychelles 008

we dodged a few waves as the tide came in and then caught the shuttle back to the hotel to relax and have a drink before dinner.

Seychelles 012Seychelles 013Seychelles 015Seychelles 018Seychelles 017

we decided on three different restaurants before we finally were able to make reservations at the boathouse, a creole buffet in beau vallon.

Seychelles 020Seychelles 022

they were pretty dang busy when we arrived so poor alex didn’t even get a chair.

Seychelles 019Seychelles 021

ha. kidding. he eventually got a chair. and it was surprisingly good and since it was a buffet it was on our own time. our taxi driver event commented that it was a quick dinner and we were there an hour and a half. this morning we’re off to a beach you can only get to by foot and then afternoon tea and a massage.

oh, and get excited little alex, we’re on our way to praslin and la digue tomorrow so we’re get more pictures of the giant tortoises. fun fact: I’m pretty sure I’m a tortoise whisperer because when I talk to the turtles they wake up and check me out. yep. it’s not that they’re hungry.


One Response to “liberation day”

  1. Rachel June 10, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    I would very much like to recreate the shrimp pizza!!!!

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