morning hike

5 Jun

for andrew: hilton breakfast buffet and a few more grounds photos

Seychelles 001Seychelles 002Seychelles 003Seychelles 004Seychelles 005Seychelles 006

alex thinks i’m weird for posting direct messages but i know my travel aficionado buddies appreciate a good breakfast buffet photo.

we woke up early for what was dubbed as a two hour hike to the beach. we had a feeling we found the trail to the beach when we were biking and we knew that it would be tough. our tour guide walked us through the “woods” telling us about the different trees that we passed (mango, papaya, breadfruit) and about the giant granite mountains.

Seychelles 008Seychelles 009Seychelles 011Seychelles 012Seychelles 013Seychelles 007

we walked through three beaches on our way to Anse Potate. Yeah, that translates to Potato Beach. these little crabs were all over the place. we told him about the game that we play where we draw a circle and have the crabs race out. i think we started a new trend.

Seychelles 014Seychelles 015Seychelles 016Seychelles 017Seychelles 018

the hike was pretty long and rocky – it took us about 2 hours just to Anse Potate. This lovely rocky area was where I slipped and promptly landed on my hip. I’m now sporting a large purple bruise. it’s all the rage here in Seychelles.

Seychelles 020Seychelles 023Seychelles 024Seychelles 028Seychelles 030Seychelles 029

we were whopped after our morning so we decided to spend a few hours resting on the  beach. we had an impromptu photo shoot and then decided we were ravenous from our morning activities and headed out for lunch. there’s a little pizzeria place that has great chicken tikka and margherita pizzas.

Seychelles 031Seychelles 034Seychelles 036

we loved the labriz so much that we asked to extend our trip for another night and they kindly obliged. we were psyched so we booked ourselves on a cruise around the island and chose our dinner spot.


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