hike to anse major

10 Jun

we were all amped up for our beach walk this morning until we met with our guide and the first question out of his mouth was our fitness level. we realized were were dressed totally inappropriately for actual hiking and made a mad dash back to our room for a quick change.

the hilton shuttle drove us past beau vallon and dropped us off at a hiking trail that took us to a beautiful, quiet beach about a two hour hike away. our first stop of the morning was to a seychellois’ house and her pet bat. there are a lot of bats in seychelles and bat curry is a local delicacy. we never had the nerve to try it but this little guy was surprisingly friendly and was taken in as a pet because he could not fly.

Seychelles 023

we hiked on through the trail and our guide, hubert, stopped a few times to let us catch our breath and take in the scenery.

Seychelles 024Seychelles 025Seychelles 026

hubert pointed out wild vanilla, cashew, and pineapple

Seychelles 028Seychelles 029Seychelles 037Seychelles 041

we had a great view of silhouette and north island. hubert told us that north island was one of the most beautiful in seychelles and where prince william and kate honeymooned last year. so close.

Seychelles 031Seychelles 032Seychelles 033Seychelles 036h

we were on the hike with another couple from romania. we talked a lot about the different policies and traveling. we ended up hanging out with them a few more times after the hike as well. 

Seychelles 042Seychelles 043Seychelles 044Seychelles 045

from the top of the mountain we could see anse major in the distance. with a steep ten minute decent we finally made it to the beach.


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