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is business class really better?

27 Jun

normally this would get a big fat “NO!”


often enough, my status gets me bumped up to domestic first/business class. it gets me free booze (but I think I might have taken them up on that 3 times in my 5 years of travel) and better snacks. if you’re really lucky, you get upgraded on a flight to LA where you get a hot meal. very exciting.


I could care less about drinks or meals. I really like the free movies on long haul flights.


but as a surprise (that really wasn’t a surprise because it involved changing our flight times) for our trip to mauritius, I cut our travel segments from 6 to 4 and upgraded a leg.


I was giddy with excitement. seriously. it was our last leg from paris to atlanta and 11 hours. and we had spent a significant amount of time in the air france lounge eating croissants. which really are better in france.


and it. was. awesome.


two quick fun facts:

1) there is a difference between business and first class internationally.

2) the people on this flight probably thought I was a freak taking a million photos but I was darn excited.

Mauritius 324

first you get a menu. a for reals menu. not tofu or mystery fish option.

and just as a reference, here’s a coach meal on air france.

Mauritius 323

not bad, I like that they assumed we needed merlot.


but here’s round 1 and 2 (of 5) with air france business class

Mauritius 325Mauritius 326

next up, we chose our main course and then our cheese course. that’s right, a cheese course. the french don’t play. they know all about my love for brie.


alex had the risotto while I opted for the venison.

Mauritius 327Mauritius 328

and then I couldn’t decide what I wanted for dessert. so I asked the flight attendant to surprise me, he gave me one of everything. I might have chosen Courvoisier as an aperitif.

Mauritius 329

we got a few pretty serious snacks and then were served a “light meal”


Mauritius 330

I was borderline uncomfortably full the entire trip. and I loved every second.


so will we ever fly international business class again? not likely that I would every pay for this (it’s at least 3x the coach price) but I might splurge on another point redemption.