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all my single ladies

31 Mar

this might be the best little one dance along yet . . .


boston wrap-up

30 Mar

i finished up my week with a precious friend from work, Lauren. she recommended a south side restaurant named beehive and after wine and cheese in her adorable city brownstone we walked the few blocks to the restaurant.

beehive is a funky little restaurant with a bit of a bohemian feel. we sat on the top floor and overlooked a jazz band with old school burlesque movies on the brick stone wall. we had the best time. we talked about work, friends, travel, marriage. i had the best time. here’s a shot of the film:

after dinner, we mosied across the street to a place called the butcher block. any place that cures that own prosciutto is tops in my book. yum-o. i made myself physically sick eating more a dinner at beehive and then cheese and an antipasto plate at the butcher block. i scored a free drink of champagne at stop #2 because i knew that sweetbreads were the thymus gland. be proud jacq.

here’s a shot of the fantastic meats at the butcher block:

in an un-related to boston note, alex and i ran in our new shoes for the first time tonight. a little sore, but i’m liking them.

i got a new pair of shoes

29 Mar

and they’re not even cute. well, not in the traditional cute shoes sense.

alex and i made a visit to peachtree running company tonight and had ourselves fitted for new (aka not the cheapest) running shoes. like actual made for running shoes. not what’s on sale at belks. okay, alex had nicer shoes. i paid a whopping $35 for mine and well, they weren’t the most supportive. the tops of my feet kept flaring up and i knew i needed something different.

the fitting process is pretty intense. they check out your stance, make you stand on some contraption that checks the pressure of your feet, and run and run and run. apparently everyone “pronates” to some degree. i’m a moderate overpronator which means my foot rolls a bit to the outside. alex is a severe overpronater. yikes. 🙂

we tried on about 5 or 6 pairs each and each walked out with a brand new pair. WAHOO!

we both happened to pick out mizuno’s (which i had never heard of until about 3 hours ago) and we’re psyched.

yeah, i know these people

24 Mar

this weekend i witnessed some pretty serious athletic prowess. how could i not be inspired by these folks? saturday morning we made or way to watch the man butlers in their sprint triathlon at parris island. let’s talk a bit about parris island: gorgeous! i know most marines would care never to visit that place again but as a civilian i thought the campus was just lovely.

alex started first with his division,  the clydesdales, while alex’s dad competed with his age group. alex’s mom and i found alex right before he began his swim and got our cameras ready for action.

here’s what we thought was alex

then i realized that he wasn’t hairy enough to be my hubs. 🙂

i caught him next on his bike transition and then returning from his bike.

rachel sent him out on his run with a short jog and we anxiously awaited alex’s dads start.

about this time senior butler took his place in the pool. i was stationed at the pool exit so i could capture the transitions. here’s mr. b on his way to prepare for the bike.

and here he his starting his bike portion.

alex came in for his finish — he beat his goal but almost a minute! go alex!

we caught alex’s dad on his bike/run transition

and here he is crossing the finish line

later that evening rachel competed in an 8k in habersham, sc. those of you that have been to daniel island it’s very similar. much smaller but with all the charm and city planning. here’s rachel completing her race. she’s so fast i couldn’t even capture her. 🙂

yeah, so i’m much better at eating. after the race the folks hosted an oyster roast. i should aim for competing in a shucking competition. here’s me doing what i do best. i was not aware we were going to this oyster roast before the trip and so i was without my oyster gear. this is the first time in a while i’ve shucked “gloveless” and i managed to survive without battlewounds. i consider this a major accomplishment.

and in unsports related news here is rachel and here cutie pie of a new puppy. i’m not sure if she’s decided on a name just yet but i think she’s leaning towards “crash.” yeah, you can guess who contributed that name.

greetings from bah-ston

23 Mar

i’m in (rainy) new england this week blogging from downtown boston. being here just reminds me that i’m really a city mouse at heart. i love walking everywhere, getting dinner at 9, jaywalking through traffic. i grabbed lunch in chinatown and had a new england clam bake for dinner. eat your heart out. with all the yummy food i’m glad i’m using my own two feet for public transportation. i’m pretty sure if i was a real city girl that i would be a skinny minnie. i’m walking about 2 miles each day just to work and back. add in my 5k training and i’m getting some serious workouts!

speaking of that 5k training, i’ve made a commitment to my first on april 17th. it’s now public. i will likely have the slowest time ever recorded in the history of 5ks but i just want to finish the thing. so now it’s public so i have to follow through. 🙂 if alex and his dad can complete a triathlon (more to come) and his sister, rachel, can kick butt in an 8k i can follow through on my goals.

i may not be an athlete but i’m a great cheerleader

19 Mar

this weekend alex is competing in his first triathlon of 2010: The Parris Island Triathlon

i’m not going to lie, going onto a military base for a triathlon is a bit intimidating. especially when they tell you that they may not let you on if you don’t have proper documentation. but hey, i’m there to cheer the hubs on. and maybe because i want a shrimp burger from the shrimp shack. 🙂

it’s also alex’s dads first triathlon. EVER! he’s been training very hard and we’re super proud. it looks their start times are going to work out perfectly so that we’ll get to watch both swin and see all transitions. GO TEAM BUTLER!!

and it’s been a long time since i’ve smelled the salt water and felt sand between my toes and i’ve really missed the beach.

canada is exactly like the states, only completely different

18 Mar

i like traveling to canada (especially calgary and vancouver) because there are many similarities. my humor translates. they speak english. they also love their wine.

but canada boasts a few big differences (and i mean besides government regulated healthcare). let’s hit on everyone’s favorite: diversity. vancouver boasts a large asian influence. i love it. it translates to great restaurants and when i’m traveling, well, that’s what i’m living for. noticable missing? african americans. although i’m not entirely sure that’s the correct term because clearly canadians are not americans. but i noticed the difference immediately and thought it was well, odd! but i also met a lot of australians, english, scottish, and irish folks, too.

last week i was working with a university and we talked about the difference between canadian and american higher education. i think the canadian system is a mix of the british and american — they definitely do not have the tie to their colleges through family traditions that we have in the states. as in, they didn’t know if they had a hockey team. academics always trump athletics. can you imagine not knowing if your school had a football team? but they see college as a right instead of a privilege. different way of thinking.

maybe this is just a west coast thing but they’re overall healthier: active lifestyles, better eating habits. heck, there are recycling bins everywhere! most of the people i met have either one or no cars per household. that is saying a lot for a city that is smaller than atlanta. (atlanta metro = 5+ million, vancouver metro = 2 million).

i really, really enjoyed my trip. as in, i would spend my very own money (or hard-earned FF miles) to visit. and i think that says a lot. 🙂